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Science project-- by Natasha, Kelsey, Julia

Tasha K

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Tornadoes

Tornadoes By Natasha Kaluzynski, Kelsey Morgan, and Julia Olenechuk What are tornadoes? Where are tornadoes found? How do they form? Possible Damage Bibliography- Information Protection violently rotating column
They extend from... Tornado Alley
where there is warm, moist air and cool, dry air
Which season do they occur in? house: have radio, surround with mattresses, stay low
outside: find shelter, away from large buildings, crouch/lay flat
car: pull over, seat belt, head down OR: exit car, get lower than road listed from least to worst cool, dry air + warm moist air instability in atmosphere change in speed, direction funnel effect TORNADO Branches broken off trees
minor roof damage
Trees snapped
mobile home pushed off foundations
Mobile homes demolished
trees uprooted;
strong built homes unroofed
Trains overturned
cars lifted off the ground;
strong built homes have outside walls blown away
Houses leveled leaving piles of debris
cars thrown 300 yards or more in the air Inconceivable damage. If a tornado with the maximum wind speed above of F5 occurs, the extent and types of damage may not be conceived. A number of missiles such as iceboxes, water heaters, storage tanks, automobiles, etc. will create serious secondary damage on structures. Some Famous Tornadoes April 3-4, 1974, in large part of eastern U.S.
148 tornadoes in 24 hours (many violent)
315 deaths
6,142 injuries
Damage $600+ million April 27, 2011, in southeast portions of U.S.
287 tornado reports in 24 hours (many violent)
Numerous highly populated areas hit 3 EF 5 tornadoes, 13 EF 4 tornadoes
354 deaths, and thousands of injuries
Damage $1+ billion http://tornado-facts.com/tornado-pictures/ Bibliography- Pictures http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/01424/what_are_tornadoes.htm can suck up animals, automobiles, and even houses
ranked second in storm damage
travels at 25-50 mph-- approximately same as greyhound
after traveling a few miles, starts to wear out
waterspout: weak tornado that forms over water
winds up to 318 mph
measured on the Fujita scale named after Dr. T. Theodore Fujita
Usually starts off as a white or gray cloud, but may eventually turns it into black one.
3/4 tornadoes occur in USA http://www.savcps.com/websites/Natural_Disasters/grace/what_are_tornadoes.html Exploring The Weather By Roy A. Gallant http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-tornado.htm Interesting Facts http://tornado-facts.com/interesting-tornado-facts/ http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/01424/what_are_tornadoes.htm http://kids.britannica.com/elementary/art-88305/The-Pony-Express-crossethed--Rocky-Mountains-and-the-Sierra http://www.wunderground.com/resources/severe/tornado_regions.asp?MR=1 http://www.wunderground.com/resources/severe/tornado_regions.asp?MR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCI1u05KD_s http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-tornado.htm http://photovide.com/beautiful-photos-fire-tornadoes/ http://www-secure.easybib.com/key/a1074a http://www.oar.noaa.gov/spotlite/archive/spot_climatology.html Works Cited
"Beautiful Photos of Fire Tornadoes." Photo Vide RSS. Photo Vide, 2012. Web. 25 Feb. 2013. <http://photovide.com/beautiful-photos-fire-tornadoes/>.
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