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10 most important artifacts of the Roman Empire

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Tyler Bennett

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of 10 most important artifacts of the Roman Empire

A panel that is 7'10" high. The first known panel of human figurines in Roman history.
remodeled by Michelangelo
The Roman Empire:
Founded in 27 BC
Triumph of Titus
Pantheon page 110
Bath of Diocletian
1. The Pantheons is the temple of all gods. The Pantheon is a concrete building that is formed the shape of a courtyard.3. The top of the dome is approximately 142 feet tall from the top to the floor. The top of the roof is designed to be vertically going up, as a way of representing the heavens. 9. The Pantheon was the largest in the world for about 1300 years and until today it remains the largest unsupported dome in the world.
The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Rome. It was designed to be just like the ancient Roman designs. It has great complex detail unlike any other building in the world. It is for Roman imperial baths which is why it is so important to be lavishly designed.
Monday, June 23, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
High Empire
Forum of Trajan
312- 315 BCE
Arch of Constantine
The Forum of Trojan is located in Rome. It was established in 112 CE. It had a statue within that was of those who were Dacian captives and another statue of the emperor. Trajan was famous for being the first non italian to control Rome. The architect who designed the forum was named Apollodorus of Damascus.
This was a triple passageway for Constantine. Historians say that it lacks creativity due to its similar designs of the Trajan monuments. The Constantine has designs of actors who are frozen in that specific time. These sculptors were used to dominate medieval art.
10 most important artifacts of the Roman Empire

This sculpture is a version of classical art. Augustus was always viewed through his youthfulness. He was known for establishing the Roman Empire. This sculpture is from Primaporta, Italy. It is 6'8" high, and a copy of the original which was made out of bronze.
Augustus as General
27 BCE - 14 CE
Column of Trajan
The 128 foot column that is created after a heroic soldier covered in armor on top. The idea of the column is Trajan respecting his troops while sacrificing his gods. There are episodes referring back to the Dacian War. It was dedicated in 112 CE in Rome, Italy.
Statue of Marcus Aurelius
This statue was made in 161-180 BCE. It was made out of bronze and is 11'6" high. It is in Musei Capitolini, Rome. This was created for the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The sculptor made the sculpture much larger than normal to portray how much more superior he is to others. He is reaching his arm out suggesting mercy.
Flavian Portraiture
Created in 90 CE. It is representing a Flavian princess who is very young. It was founded in Rome, Italy. It was made out of marble. It is known for its elegance and delicacy.
Ara Pacis Augustae
This is a way to celebrate Augustus' Golden Age which was the establishment of peace. It is in Rome, Italy. It was created in 13-9 BCE.
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