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The MindTap Story

Walkthrough MindTap in 60 seconds!

Cengage MindTap

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The MindTap Story

70 70 The Most Engaging
Personal Learning Experience
in the Universe Full text from book
Highlight, take notes, and sync with EverNote
Animations and Videos...in the text
Add your own content anywhere
Support differentiated learning styles! Meet the MindTap Reader a SERVICE that allows you
to access our content
directly in your LMS MindApps! The ability to DO MORE with your text
is made possible through "MindApps" Here are a few examples... MindApps You'll
Find in Every Course! search text check progress view full text create and view flashcards view a full glossary connect with social media listen to your text quickly define any word add and view your own content add and access your notes and highlights search progress full text flashcards glossary social media listen define highlights your own content MindApps that allow you to
connect seamlessly to other
Cengage resources! INCLUDING INCLUDING Other MindApps are
on their way... stay tuned for updates! Meet the MindTap Reader Pre-Populated
Fully Customizable
Intuitive Navigation PERSONAL LEARNING we've done extensive research
to understand educational experiences and preferences from the perspective of students and instructors Do you you remember a time
when information for a course
was only available in THIS format? what are
students and instructors saying about their and as a result, many students
permanently had THIS look on their face... times have changed...and so has LEARNING! students want options
that meet their needs and workflow instructors want the ability
to add their own content
and connect with their LMS TODAY 1 1 ENGAGING STUDENTS easily locate chapters,
activities and more
all in your customizable
fuses authoritative textbook pedagogy with customizable student “learning paths”, an innovative “App” model of instructional utilities, LMS interoperability and the power of social media to create a truly personal learning experience for today’s mobile students what does this mean? We're using the method of teaching and content found within textbooks and combining it with your own content in a variety of formats in a fully digital resource that is enhanced by the use apps allowing you to truly connect with the content and gain seamless access through your LMS seamlessly highlight and take notes
and access them when you need them
in one place! 3 3 FAST & EASY ACCESS IMPORTANT TO YOU? ACCESS HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! wondering about the cost of $99 per user $99 ? To view a full title list STUDENT
ENGAGEMENT was created specifically to promote STUDENT ENGAGEMENT
What is the LARGEST struggle for both
students and instructors ? as a result... how? leading to higher performance! by creating a learning experience that is digital app-based customizable linked seamlessly with technology that's already being used available anytime/anywhere experience? let's explore 3 UNIVERSALLY engaging benefits! THROUGH IS ENGAGING STUDENTS EVERYWHERE! studies show that students
respond positively to the use of
familiar, app-based technology
resulting in greater engagement fewer hurdles means faster access PASSWORD USERNAME we're keeping it simple for January starts... keep clicking forward! BEGINS WITH THE EXPERIENCE over 70 new titles will be added to this list for
Fall 2013! GOOD NEWS:
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