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Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy

No description

Stephanie Richards

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy

Mission "to develop programs and promote research to further the public's knowledge of our system of governance, and also to highlight the critical importance of public service. . ."
51,500 square foot building
Extensive political archives
Activities Kenneth R. Richards
May 5, 2010 Journal of Applied Public Policy
Cleaning America’s Air
Knox County Good Governance
Energy Policy Survey
Voter Participation Research
Independent Research Efforts
Baker Scholars
Baker Learning Community
Mentor Program
Job Fairs
Publications/Research College-Level Initiatives Governance
Energy and Environment
Election Reform
Defense/Homeland Security
Global Affairs
Civic Engagement
Media, etc.

Pre-College Initiatives Educational Reform for elementary and pre-school
Youth Action Council
Project Citizen
Lesson Plans
High School Interns
Community Events Numerous Presentations on:
Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr.
36 Baker Center "Founders"
95 "Senate Leaders"
70 "Ambassador's Circle"
52 "Baker Friends"
Seven Islands Foundation
6 Staff
9 Fellows

e.g. ORNL, TVA, National Campaign for Political & Civic Engagement, National Parks Second Century Commission, Woodrow
Wilson Center, Tennessee Clean Water
Energy and Environment
Global Studies
Media in Society
Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. Archives
Tactics FUTURE
Goals To honor and learn from Senator Baker’s public service experience
To conduct policy research in key areas of public policy such as energy, healthcare, and security
To explore the shifting boundaries of the public and private sectors
To develop a world-class research team that expands the understanding of governance systems
To enhance the research reputation of UT
To provide guidance/consulting to relevant government agencies FUTURE
Strategies Build resources
Strengthen the Baker Center "brand"
Increase production of peer-reviewed articles
Expand cooperative relations with complementary research centers
Develop strong relations with congressional delegation
Involve more UT faculty and academic units in the research an programs of the Center
Improve integration across program areas

Resources Program Areas Activities Baker Center Program Areas Redefine, Expand, and
Differentiate Reassemble Topics Disaggregate Governance, Media, and Global Studies Governance Media Global Studies Build the Lattice Facilities/Archives Goodwill University Support Quality Programming Staff and Fellows Grants Donors Strategic Partners
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