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Mr J Daykin

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Buddhism

what did ladies wear



What is Buddhism?
Buddhism is a religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama (presently known as the Buddha) Buddhism teaches people how to end their suffering by eliminating greed, hatred and ignorance.

Famous people who follow the Buddhist religon?
steven seagal

Steven seagal is
famous for acting ,
film producer,screen-
writer,film director,
matirial artist,musician
and deputy sherrif
Orlando Bloom

Olando Bloom
is famous for
being in
pirates of the
Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
was a American
singer, actress ,
poducer and a
model she had
career. She held the
guinness world record
for the most awarded
female actess.Sadly she passed away on
February 11, 2012, Beverly Hills, California, United States.
Alot of Buddhist people
do not eat garlic, onion or
The only real rule they follow is to not have more than you need and to not overdo it.

What they wore?

They wear a religous type of clothing
called a robe.The ladies wear an outfit
called a busan.The boys wear a monk
robe and the girls wear a Kimono.They mostly were sandals and slippers
Because it is usually warm.Buddhist wear pumps.

Buddhist top 3 countries of poulation

1.China -102 000 000 buddhist
2.Japan - 8 965 000 buddhist
3.Thailand- 55 480 000 bhuddist

Buddhism holy book

There are two types of Buddhist holy book, the Diamond Sutra the Tripitaka which was written in India by the Buddha’s 500 disciples.

Its quiz time

What was the holy book called?

b.Diamond sutra

Diamond Sutra
What country has the highest

a: Sri Lanka
c: China
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