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Elishah Lee & Jillian Tan

Elishah Lee

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Energy

Energy This is Wire All he does is find a place to sleep in... ...like in a hole ...or in the grass He has elastic potential energy to become a spring and to maybe explore new places... If only he could use his energy to
be like everyone else... or even change colors.. This is Dirt He does not grow any plants... so he doesn't have any friends if only he used his energy to grow: trees flowers crops however, he has gravitational potential energy... if he could fall off the cliff he would be able to grow plants... By: Jillian Tan & Elishah Lee What is ENERGY? This is Gas He helps cars move He has chemical potential energy to move cars so they can
go as fast as they can! but... he enjoys sitting around doing nothing and has not made use of his energy... Energy is needed to live! We use energy to think and act, to turn lights on, and heat and cool our homes... There are 2 types of energy:
Potential, which is stored, and
Kinetic, which is in motion... This is Movement.. He uses his Potential Energy to stay ...in MOTION!!! He turns his Potential Energy into KINETIC Energy... ...which Wire, Dirt, and Gas need to do in order to achieve their goals!!! ... They are all able to turn their potential energy into kinetic energy in different, unique ways!!! Wire can turn his Elastic Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy... ...and STRETCH! Dirt can turn his Gravitational Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy... ,,, and FALL into better land to grow plants! Gas can turn his Chemical Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy... and ACCELERATE cars!!!
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