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Steps for processing a crime scene.

There are 7 steps to processing a crime scene. They are called PPPSCRIPT for short.

Gloria Bolivar

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Steps for processing a crime scene.

Protect scene Protecting the area of the crime scene is very
important. In protecting the crime scene the
investigator must isolate the area so that it is
easier to find what they are looking for. they
must also get rid of extra people in the crime
scene so that they can spot everything. An
investigator does not want to miss any important
evidence that is at the crime scene. Every piece of
evidence can be used to find the perpetrator. They
must also determine the boundaries of the scene
from the entrance to the exit of the prep. My investigators made sure that there were police tape so no one could get through The mysterious fire Identifying the Evidence In this step a person explains why they recorded what they did. they also write down why is it important. We recorded these evidence because the will help find the perpetrators. Search There are 4 different type of searches in processing a crime scene. The investigators must systematically search the area where the crime was committed The four types of searches are spiral, grid, linear, and quadrant. The spiral search is a search method is starting from the inside and work their way outside going in circle. In the grid search the investigate in a grid method. In the linear search investigators walk in lines. In the quadrant search investigators search in the zones that they are given. In the Quadrant search they draw zones for people to check in one area. All of these search method are important they are used to find evidence and small objects or weapons that may be related to the crime. My investigators use the quadrant search in order to be more accurate with the big area. Collection of Evidence In an investigation an investigator must be careful with the evidence. They do not want to contaminate the evidence. The evidence is what they use to find the perpetrator. They must where gloves at the crime scene and use the proper tools. The evidence must be kept in its original condition. We have found a bottle of gasoline and a lighter a mile away from the body. We also found a lot of footprints and fingerprints. A body has been found burned to crisp all that is left are the bones and teeth. This person seemed to have been walking through the woods and somehow he was surrounded by circle of fire. this person smell of gasoline but he does not posses any matches or any devices that can cause a fire. Behind the fire line there are several footprints as if there were a group of people surrounding him. In the end we found out it was his classmates. He bullied them to much and they have had enough and decided to pay him back. Preserve Life Preserving life is very important. when an investigator arrives at the crime
scene they must check to see if the victim is still alive. They must also
check to see if their is anybody else at the crime scene that is hurt or dead. If anyone alive and is hurt you must they them immediate medical attention. My investigators searched the area to see if anyone was alive, none was found. Photograph Photography is important in a crime scene. This can help you locate certain abject, the crime scene will no always be their so it is a way to help you remember what was in the crime scene if you have forgotten where the object was found or in what condition it was found. Then you can compare it to other evidence to make sure everything make since and nothing was played with. A photographer must photograph the entire crime scene from various angles. They show each piece of evidence individually. They place ruler in photo to show size or distance. They must sketch a rough sketch no skill finished sketch very detailed skilled require. Their notes must be very Detailed. My photographer took pictures of everything very detailed. Recording of Evidence The investigator must write everything down in details. The investigators uses chain of custody which is a list of all persons who came into procession of an item of evidence. We make sure to record the evidence with great details and descriptions Package Packaging is important because it is separating evidence, the separation of evidence prevents damage from contact and cross contamination. They use forceps, unbreakable containers with lids, manila envelope, and screw car glass vials. We put both the lighter and the bottle of gasoline in different manila envelopes. Transfer Transfer is moving the evidence this is important because you want to make sure everything is secure. An investigator wants to make sure everything is moved properly. We made sure that the transportation movement would not destroy any evidence.
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