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Impact of Hindu Nationalism in India

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Rachel Morris

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Impact of Hindu Nationalism in India

Rachel Morris
Class A Impact
Hindu Nationalism
in India History Of Hindu Nationalism Bharatiya Janata Party Hindu Nationalist Groups AMZ is an organization supporting Zionism in America. Zionism and Hindu Nationalism Hindutva This last video will help show the point that Hindu Nationalism causes violence and tension in India. Pictures Pictures And Videos This is the Indus River. People from around this area were called Hindus not referring to the religion but to their origin. This is a picture showing the parts of India that the British colonized.Their colonization is what helped Hinduism form into a religion. These are the three major Hindu Nationalist groups in India. All three of them cause tension and violence between other religious groups. is nationalism in Judaism. India and Israel both have nationalism. The religions in both countries are attempting to protect themselves, but often others are being hurt. These groups discriminate and are violent towards other religious groups. This is not a Nazi Swastika! This is a Hindu Swastika. When there is a right facing Swastika it means peace,hope, and everything good. Hitler took a wonderful symbol and turned it in to something horrible. This is the Hindutva symbol. http://www.eoearth.org/files/201401_201500/201407/indus.gif
http://skinheadzz.wikispaces.com/file/view/100px-HinduSwastika.svg.png/43259125/100px-HinduSwastika.svg.png Videos India: Hindu Persecution of Christians III Hindutva- The Identity of India There is a difference between the idea of Hindutva and the reality of it. When it comes to Zionism the Palestinians are getting hurt.
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