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Open Source Software Tool Project

Jessica Edwards

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Edmodo

Jessica Edwards
Edmodo is a source that educators may use to facilitate online learning and collaboration. Edmodo also allows teachers to post homework and events to a central location. The format is similar to facebook, so it is relatively easy to use.
About Edmodo:
Organization of course research projects online
Maintaining communication with students
Making resources and links available to students online
Staff Uses in the School Library:
Advantages: free, easy to use, private, dynamic, centralized source of information, access to uploaded content, formation of online communities, RSS feed, SMS notification

Disadvantages: no chat/IM feature, all posts featured publicly (no way to ask questions privately)
Advantages and Disadvantages
of Edmodo
Other Products:
Moodle online classroom (free)
Facebook (free)
Classroom 2.0 (free)
Student Uses in the School Libary
Access to library announcements
Ability to join reading and study groups
Easy communication with teachers and librarians
"w200.com." w200comm.wikispaces.com/Edmodo2. Retreived 1 October 2012.

"Edmodo Teacher Hub." http://edmodoteacherhub.wikispaces.com/. Retreived 1 October 2012.
Edmodo in my Library:
One advantage that the source shas over social media outlets such as Facebook,is that it is for educational use only, therefore protecting he privacy of its users. Students today are much mor "plugged in" to school activities and assignments if their can access them from their cell phones. The SMS option that Edmodo providemakes it possible for students to receive updates, links, and reminders from their cell phones. I would also choose this source because it is collaborative in nature, which is where much of the nation's curriculum is heading.
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