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The Social MEDia Course: Online Collaboration

Tools and services for online collaboration

Bertalan Mesko, MD

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of The Social MEDia Course: Online Collaboration

Collaboration online
Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD
Medical Futurist
Brought to you by
Take home messages
First listen and follow how your colleagues collaborate online
Find the tool or service that suits your needs best and learn use it properly
Collaborate openly, wisely and fast
Choose the tools for online collaboration with a special focus on features, privacy and efficiency.
Thank you for the attention!
Send suggestions
Take the test
See other courses
Collaboration has been revolutionized by the internet
How can you organize teamwork online?
What can you do if you need professional advice?
You can call someone
If you
know who can
Or you can post messages
and hope
someone knows
the answer for your question
Collaboration before
While writing manuscripts, each version is sent to the co-authors, they send their versions back and again and again...
Collaboration before #2
While writing manuscripts, each version is sent to the co-authors by
, they send their versions back and again and again...
Collaboration now
Google Docs


other social media tools
Saving time and efforts
Each version is stored

Edits can be made simultaneously

It can be published or shared easily
Share big files with Dropbox.com
Tools and services for collaboration
Google Docs
Google+ Hangouts
Easy to launch
Easy to set privacy settings
Closed medical groups on Facebook
(e.g. Med&Learn)
Easy to discuss cases

Closed group ensures only medical professionals can access it
Use a
for taking notes and collecting files shared by the group
Use a
for logging the activities of the group
Use an
e-mail group
for keeping contact with everyone in the group
Use a specific hashtag on
for following a discussion
And many more
Stories about online collaboration
I worked with co-authors on a Google Document, had 5000 edits in 2 weeks and published the paper in a peer-reviewed journal.
At the Southeast Medical Center, clinical workflow is managed in a privately shared Google Document. Rows are for times, columns are for doctor rooms, colors code different details.
A scientists tried to find co-authors for a manuscript and found them on Friendfeed (later they published the paper)
Consider a few things first and make a decision if you clarified these:
Number of users involved
Privacy (information can be published or should be private)
Storage (large files will be shared?)
Is recording possible?
Is primary aim discussions, live chat or project management?
Group chat
Free video calls
Web Conferencing
Video chat
Video chat with up to 6 friends
Schedule talks easily
Editing documents
Written group discussions
Room of doctors
Multiple Contributors, One Twitter Account
Sharing files
Collaboration platform
Prezi meeting
Uploading Powerpoints and PDFs
Flash presentations
Videos made by photos
You suggest numerous dates & times and participants check which one suits them best
Editing documents and project management
Create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks
Create diagrams
Create mind maps
Mind mapping
Recording screencasts (recording your desktop)
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