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Cross Canada Photo Album

Canadian Geography - 09H

Cassidy Drew

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Cross Canada Photo Album

Welcome to Canada!
places in
I think.
Terra nova national park
48°31′50″N 53°55′41″W
national park no. 1
panorama from ochre hill
arctic cordillera
In this photo, we get an excellent view of the national park.
Taiga Plains
pacific maritime
boreal plains
ecozone number 2.
ecozone number 1
ecozone number 3
ecozone number 4
how do i words?
arctic basin
ecozone number 5
Cougar Trail Falls - British Columbia
i had to cover up a watermark
pacific maritime
Finn the Human
Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C.
Pond Inlet - Baffin Island, NU
whitehorse - yukon territories
and here we have ...
BOreal shield
ecozone number 6
mixedwood plains
ecozone number 7
??? - Nunavut (near Ellesmere Island)
ecozone number 8
montane cordillera
Banff national park - moraine lake - alberta
jasper national park - rockies - edmonton, alberta
northwest atlantic
ecozone number 9
Gulf of St. Lawrence-Quebec
hudson plains
ecozone number 10
Memphrémagog Lake - Quebec
national park number 2
national park number 3
national park number 4
montane cordillera
montane cordillera
bruce penninsula
national park
indian head cove
georgian bay
mixedwood plains
national park number 5
prince edward island national park
greenwhich nature trail - P.E.I.
atlantic maritime
national park number 6
Nahanni national park reserve
Virginia Falls - N.W.T
taiga plains
national park number 7
Ivvakik national park
taiga cordillera
ivvakik national park - yukon
national park number 8
georgian bay islands national park
Georgian Bay - Port Severn, Ontario
Boreal Shield
riding mountain national park
national park number 9
clear lake, manitoba
boreal plains
national park number 10
auyuittuq national park
mount thor - nunavut
arctic cordillera
boreal shield
1. Manitoba, Saskatchewan,Alberta, B.C.Manitoba, Saskatchewan,Alberta, B.C.
toronto, ontario
population: 2,615,060
famous Toronto skyline
montreal, quebec
population: 1, 649,519
view of Montreal from Mount Royal
their flag
on a shirt
magical food
from Montreal
skating at nathan phillips square and city hall
calgary, alberta
population: 1, 096,833
Calgary Stampede
downtown Calgary
ottawa, ontario
population: 883,391
front entrance of parliament hill
whitewater rafting on Ottawa river
Edmonton, Alberta
population: 821,201
West Edmonton Mall
photo of Edmonton taken from an airplane
Mississauga, Ontario
population: 713,443
Mississauga skyline
downtown Mississauga
Climate Regions
Atlantic Canada
Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, New Brunswick.
temperature depending on arctic winds
fog common in summer
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands
Ontario and Quebec
warm summers - air blowing off lakes
unpredictable winters
"mild" or "severe"
Nova Scotia
Yongue & Dundas (Toronto) in winter
Climate Regions
Northeastern Forests
Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Manitoba
relatively warm summers
cold winters w/ lots of precipitation
winter temperatures drop below -25 degrees
Northern Lights seen from Labrador
Northwestern Forests
Manitoba, Alberta, B.C.,Saskatchawan
precipitation varies from 600 - 900 mm in rainfall
temperature varies from -4 degrees to 42 degrees
Boreal Forest in North-Western Manitoba
climate regions
South B.C. Mountains
British Columbia
very mild climate
mountains "shield" from severe weather
high elevation causes lower temperatures
Okanagan Valley - B.C
Pacific Coast
British Columbia
Vancouver before a rainstorm
mild temperature b/c next to a body of water
protected by Alaskan Peninsula
loads of precipitation
up to 1600 mm
climate regions
North B.C. Mountains, Yukon, Territories
B.C., Yukon
cold winters
average winter temp. -18 degrees
average summer temp. 10 degrees
300 mm of precipitation in east
1500 mm in mountains - mostly snow
Yukon Mountains
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
cold, due to not being close to bodies of water
range of -10 degrees in winter to 15 degrees in summer
prone to tornadoes
Tornado in Saskatchewan
climate regions
Mackenzie District
N.W.T. and Nunavut
average temperature is -1 degrees
drops below that in winter
200mm of precipitation - mostly in snow
short summers - long winters
Arctic Mountains and Fjords
average temperature in the North is -3 degrees Celsius and down to -35 degrees in winter
least hospitable place in Canada
least amount of precipitation
Ellesmere Island - Nunavut
climate regions
Arctic Tundra
one of the coldest, driest places in Canada
average temperature is -3 degrees
average precipitation is 100-200 mm
2 months without snow on the ground
permanent permafrost
Nunavut Mountains
Tundra Region
Nunavut, N.W.T., Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec
Lake Athabasca
North Saskatchewan
Boreal Forest
Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, P.E.I, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C., Yukon, N.W. Territories, Nunavut.
Northern Ontario Forest
Alberta and Saskatchewan
Grasslands - Saskatchewan
Alberta and Saskatchewan
Aspen Parkland - Alberta
west coast forest
British Columbia
Landslide Lake - B.C.
Broad-Leaved forests
South Ontario
Southern Ontario Forest
Mixed Forest
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I
Mixed Forest in Quebec
cordilleran vegetation
Alberta, B.C., Yukon
Emerald Lake -Yukon
thanks for watching!
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