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Kenmore SHS 1-to-1 Technology Program (Year 7 2017)

No description

Daniel Haines

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Kenmore SHS 1-to-1 Technology Program (Year 7 2017)

Kenmore SHS 1-to-1 Technology Program
for Year 7 2017's Connected Learners
Junior Secondary Device Dilemma
I need Full Software
I want Learning Apps
I need a LEARNING tool
Where are we heading?
Student Computer Technology at Kenmore SHS
Increasingly, ICT permeates every area of our society and lives. Students need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to use ICT to support contemporary learning and living.
ICT affords the opportunities to personalise learning and to learn both within and out of school.
(Australian Curriculum)
Why Technology
Demand for:
creative thinkers,
problem solvers,
strong communicators,
digital leaders.
Jobs Future for Students
A Framework for Teaching and Learning
A convertible Windows device delivers
Key needs and essential features
Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)
School owned, managed and fully supported

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Privately owned and managed with some school support
Technology Options
Purchase the device through the school
All devices with 3 years warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
School software and Operating System
School handles device purchase, software imaging, warranty and ADP claims, technical support and assistance
A must in schools
School use is very different to home use
$0 excess
1 claim per year
Parent initially contributes device cost via Participation Agreement
Annual Service Guarantee fee of $150 for school to fully manage and support the device
School retains ownership until end of agreement. This means the school can offer:
How CYOD works
Active Pen input
Light weight for carrying to school
Robust design - school vs. home use
Battery life - will it last the school day?
Carry case to offer protection
Warranty length, repair location (back to base) and repair times
Accidental Damage Protection
Insurance against loss or theft
BYOD Considerations
Whole-of-Government negotiated purchase price
Purchase of commercial grade and education-specific models
Extended warranty and ADP
GST-exempt pricing
Government purchasing protections - Computrace, lemon clause
School ownership means
Price and Protections:
All warranty and ADP claims handled by school
Full technical support via ICT Helpdesk
Hardware and software issues
Software rebuilds
Connectivity and printing problems
General troubleshooting
Access to Hot Swap devices
School software installed or available for self-install by students
Insurance against loss, fire and theft
CYOD Support
Concierge style wifi connection and licensing costs
Infrastructure upgrades required to support BYOD
Some software licensing
Technical support for network, internet, shared drive connectivity and printing issues
Basic diagnosis and advice
BYOD Service fee
Use an existing family owned device (not too old, please!) or purchase a new device of your choice
Parent responsible for purchase, warranty, repairs and insurance
Parent/student manages Operating System and software on device including ensuring installation of required software to meet subject requirements
School able to provide some software where licensing terms support BYOD
BYOD Service Guarantee fee of $100 which handles...
If we want computers to be learning tools then we need to acknowledge the ability for that computer to have input capabilities which support thinking and problem solving - a stylus is crucial.

Oviatt et al.
Key needs and essential features
Full HD+ 12" touch display
Intel Core i5 processor
4GB Memory
256GB Solid State Drive
5GHz wireless connectivity
Active Pen included
Keyboard included
MicroSD card reader
All day battery life
STM rubberised case included
Weighs 1.25kgs
CYOD Option 1 - Acer Switch 12 Alpha
CYOD/BYOD Selection Guide and Order Form due
Friday 25th November 2016.

School will place CYOD orders November 2016, to confirm pricing offered.
Devices will arrive and be imaged and joined to the network by KSHS IT staff during school holidays.
Students will collect their device end of first week of term 1, 2017.
BYOD students connected at same time.

Future Work Skills 2020
Students get a THINKING tool
Digital Ink
Accommodates complex thinking strategies across a full range of subject areas
Significantly improved retention when note taking - we commit to memory through writing
Supports expressing spatial information - important for thinking and problem solving
Drawing, annotating and diagramming are powerful ways to express understanding
Need for a future direction that is affordable and meets educational needs of our students.
Provide students with functional and appropriate technology for learning at all times.

Years 7 to 9
: Junior Secondary device
Year 10 to 12
: Senior Secondary device

Future Direction
Enterprise Operating System
Security (Symantec, BlueCoat)
Microsoft Office Professional 2013+
Subject-specific software (e.g. Lego Mindstorms, MixCraft, etc.)
Automatic updates and patching
Mobile application delivery coming
School ownership means Software:
6 subjects = 6 OneNote notebooks
All lesson materials, readings, worksheets, drafts and feedback in one place and in one logical sequence
A place for all the notes taken with their digital pen
Available at school and at home
Instant updates from the teacher’s class OneNote to the students'.
Full HD 10.8" touch display
Concore Glass touchscreen
Intel Core m5 processor
4GB Memory
256GB Solid State Drive
5GHz wireless connectivity
Rechargeable Active Pen included
Keyboard included
MicroSD card reader
All day battery life
Additional battery in keyboard
Everki hard sided case included
Weighs 1.5kgs with keyboard
CYOD Option 2 - Dell Latitude 11 5175
It is recommended that, where possible, families join the CYOD Program.

It is the School’s belief that the high quality devices, bulk-purchase pricing, 3-year warranty and accidental damage protection, access to Hot-Swap devices and full software and support offered; make the program a great value proposition for families over the life of the technology device.
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