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Día de muertos

In this prezi you will find the Mexican custom of death altar

Viviana Del Paso

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Día de muertos

More about building altars:
The Altar of the Dead is a fundamental element in the traditions of Day of the Dead in Mexico.
We build altar for our dead friends and family
They have several elements like...
Levels in the dead altar represent the material and the immaterial, the four elements, each placed different symbolic objects for culture , religion, or the person to whom the altar is dedicated .
The commercial "papel picado" regularly includes variety of colors and designs based on the cartoons of José Guadalupe Posada
As a representation of the fire element are added candles, tapers, for its easy handling and its relation to religious symbols. In its less frequent fires can be added and controlled torches representing the guide for the soul, even light on your way back to the world of the dead. Are placed four candles to represent a cross and the four cardinal points.
Flowers serve as ornamental around the altar and tomb. The marigold flower, cloud and
amaranth feat are the most used for decoration of an altar.
The skulls are sweet representing allusions to death may be sugar or chocolate. They are colorful sugar skulls, mud, chocolate or plaster ornaments and patterns on them, like for its rich taste and odor. They are also a mockery of death and were written on the front of the buyer's name or a living person.
The food, according to tradition, must be to the liking of the deceased. Because the average Mexican diet, is common to see the national Creole cuisine mole, pozole, tacos, tamales etc.., Present in many altars. It should include different seasonal fruits like pumpkin, , orange, and of course, food made ​​from corn.
The pan de muerto is a type of sweet bread that is placed as an offering to the dead. Got a couple of strips of bark depicting a couple of bones. It comes down from cornbread made ​​by the civilizations of ancient Mexico.
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