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Water in the atmosphere

christian spiller myles paschall

bob tom

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Water in the atmosphere

WATER IN THE ATMOSPHERE On a rainy day the air might feel moist. while on a clear warm day the air feels dry this is all because of the amount of water in the atmosphere. Question 1 what instrument is used to measure humidity? how does it work relative humity is measured by a psychrometer it has two thermometers a wet-bulb theremometer and a dry-bulb one. THe bulb of the wet bulb theremoneter has a cloth covering that is moistened with water. Air is then blown over both thermoneters. Because the wet bulb theremoneter is cooled by evaperation. Question 2 what condtions are needed for clouds form They form when water vapor in the air becomes liquid water or ice crystals. when you look at clouds your seeing thousands of ice crystals or water droplets. There arew three main types of clouds....
Cirrus:they form very high about 6 kilometers off the ground and made of ice.
Stratus:strato meaning "spread out" cover most of the sky and can mean some drizzzle, rain or snow.
Cumulus:forms less than 2 kilometers of the ground can grow in size ontill they can extend 18 kilometers tall. they usaly indecate fair weater.
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