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Now is the time to buy

sample presentation for spain seminas

James Dearsley

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of Now is the time to buy

Is this the right time to buy
a property in Spain? Prices have dropped
over 40%!! Ryanair flies 20 times a day!!
Easyjet flies 200 times a day!!
Ba flies 1 time a day What is the latest Information? Prices have decreased about 35% since the peak
Started to stabilise November 2009 and prices actually increased in 2010
Sales numbers are increasing
"Glut of property"? Spain is still No. 1! James Dearsley
European Sales Director Why is Spain still No. 1? Accessiblity
Lifestyle Generally accepted market has fallen 30% Lower prices mean lower "yields"
Established long and short term letting markets Mortgages are currently very attractive
3.5% fixed for a year
Euribor + 1.5% after
Up to 70% mortgages are available Top location tips for 2011
Costa Blanca
Costa Calida Top Property Tips for 2011 input property information here about Rosalinda and Mirador How can we help you take advantage of this opportunity? We can help you organise a 4 day trip itinerary
Safe and secure way to purchase
We will show you a range of property in your budget
Buy through past clients
We pride oursleves on the no pressure approach If you are not yet ready or just want to get an idea
More location orientated but you will understand what you can get for your money
One or two day tours Yes! www.holidaylettings.co.uk state Spain is the most popular destination for holiday rentals and is consistantly No. 1 Locations to look out for
Mil Palmeras
La Mata Locations to look out for
Los Montesinos
San Miguel
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