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Monforte Dairy Slides

No description

jessica smith

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Monforte Dairy Slides

the Aristocrats Welcome to Monforte Dairy Company So what does Klahsen want to acheive? What kind of obstacles will we have to overcome? Let's check out what we're working with... Klahsen has 4 different ideas in mind for her organization about ruth klahsen SWOT VRIO Porter's 5 Forces Value Chain Analysis
1. An Affinage 2. Charcuterie 3. A Cheese making school
4. An Auberge $10 mil strengths technology
development hand crafted
nature time-quality driven
Artisan cheese process product
design cheese aged to perfection Manufacturing small batch sizes acquire cow and goat milk locally Distribution cheese stored on farm farmer markets local distance
prices negotiated personally personal promotional visits good relationships maintained with consumers
high quality pride in brand strength cheese delivered locally farmers
wineries low seamless integration systems
service only highest quality cheese sold our recommendations? separate non-artisan farmhands transport materials & goods farmhands act as aids and logistical integrations
train additional artisans to increase volume
artisan cheese crafting competition compensation
continue to build on relationships
hands on farmer market artisan public demonstrations create strategic alliances with local wineries collaborate/sponsor events host cheese sampling events at local restaurants

emphasize time-quality to enhance brand equity Value Rarity Imitability
sustainable agriculture healthy food production environmentally friendly respect for workers
humane to animals
fair wages for labor
supporting growth of farming communities education and experience
culinary studies
excellent Supply Chain Management
strong presence within the community
low interest rates, "cheap debt" formal reporting structure formal management control weaknesses opportunities threats obstacles pros cons
low profit per sq ft enhance perceived quality greater economies of scale making use of extra land pros cons revenue from whey
potential to build relationships
with local pig farmers enhancing brand image lack of expertise
risky, new market
pros opportunity to improve the industry apprentices to further the message
potential for future franchises
correlates with production schedule cons minimal profits pros self-sustaining meets all company objectives partnership with Stratford Chef School can be running by fiscal 2011
cons HUGE RISK will incur mass debt 2010 modify current
pricing model
(Market Share) 2012 establish auberge timeline Jessica Smith Luke Pirello
Brendan Murray Jin Zheng
constraints seasonal
production government regulations distribution
channels Marketing research
tratford Chef School ream Auberge + New Pricing Model No more 30/30/30/10 arket share Pricing Model history get some PR! Moving Forward... average 17 customers per week 4 days a week the restaurant the farm 30/70 (100 acres) hops supervisors
& seasonal
pickers required purchase farming
equipment hire supervisor recognize variable seed, livestock, & maintenance costs
anticipate marginal maintenance overhead expand Ontario's
breadth hire veteran chef
9 kitchen staff members the inn/microspa construct inn & purchase furnishings A. Mohamed Ruth Klashen And Subastinano Monforte Rough Beginning Brand Awareness CSA in 2008 Financial Status of Company 90% profit Loss 46% loss in sales Debt Aquisition 2020 Retirement success (n.) thank you for your time
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