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Language Arts Lesson

8th Grade Standard 1 Objective 1

Camilynne Jones

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Language Arts Lesson

by: Camilynne Basile Prefixes and Suffixes Standard 1
(Reading Comprehension): Students will use vocabulary development and an understanding of text elements and structures to comprehend literary and informational grade level text. Objective 1:
(Word Analysis, Vocabulary Development): Determine word meaning through word parts, definitions, and context clues. Making a Word! LETS PRACTICE!!! Prefixes & Suffixes p A S S Take a simple word like Identify common prefixes and suffixes to determine meanings of words come before the root word Suffixes Prefixes come after the root word http://www.vocabulary.co.il/prefixes/middle-school/prefix-division-game/ Prefix Meaning Examples
anti- against antibody, antidote, antacid
com- together common, combine,community
con- together connect, continue, converse
dis- apart from, away disappear, distract, distort, disprove
inter- between international, interfere, intervene
intr- into, inward introduce, introvert, introduction
non- not nonstop, nonprofit, none, nonsense
pro- forward product, protect, progress, produce
super- over, more supervisor, superior, supernatural
trans- across, beyond transport, transmit, transfusion, Suffix Meaning Examples
-en make of, make wooden, frighten, frozen, happen, lighten
-ess female actress, princess, goddess, lioness, governess
-ish origin, nature, resembling finish, foolish, Irish, clownish, selfish, greenish
-ism system, manner, condition alcoholism, heroism, Communism, capitalism
-ize make realize, organize, recognize, harmonize
-let little booklet, omelet, piglet, coverlet
-ness quality of, state of greatness, kindness, carelessness, darkness
-ous full of, having various, dangerous, glorious
-ship skill, state, quality friendship, relationship, companionship
-tude state of multitude, gratitude, solitude APA Citation
Appendix a: 8th grade prefixes and suffixes. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.uen.org/core/languagearts/Appendix_A.pdf

(n.d.). Retrieved from youtube video

Prefix division game. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.vocabulary.co.il/prefixes/middle-school/prefix-division-game/ add a prefix... IM
add a suffix... able im able * NOW Prefix List Suffix List
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