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Outdoor Recreation in Australia

No description

Justin Newman

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Outdoor Recreation in Australia

Department of Planning and Community Development
Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) is a unit within the Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Sports and Recreation Victoria maximises the economic and social benefits provided to all Victorians by the sport and recreation sector through:

ensuring greater access and opportunities for participation in sport and recreation by all Victorians;
maintaining Victoria’s reputation as Australia’s leading state for sporting and major events;
improving the quality of community sport and recreation facilities;
strengthening the capacity of sport and recreation organisations;
continuing a robust evidence base for activities in the sport and active recreation system; and
reinforcing the enriching role that sport and recreation plays in people’s lives.

Sport and recreation plays an important part in the lives of individual Victorians and helps shape community identity. Sport and recreation opportunities provide settings for social interaction, sharing common interests and enhancing a sense of community.

NSW Office of Communites, Sport and Recreation
Their purpose is to assist the people of NSW participate in sport and recreation, and our vision is of a community that uses sport and recreation to improve its well being.

They recognise that there's more to sport that just playing it. Sport and recreation play a vital role in binding our communities together, and participation in physical activity creates a broad range of benefits for all members of the community.

From developing the self-esteem of young people to maintaining the health and fitness of senior citizens, and nurturing talented athletes to improving everyone's enjoyment of life, "we are concerned with the big picture gains of sport and recreation for all communities in NSW".

Office for Recreation & Sport SA
The Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) is the lead agency for the Government's policy on sport and active recreation. ORS supports sport and recreation organisations through the development of policy, programs and resources, the provision of funding, recreation and sport planning, infrastructure development, elite sport pathways and the promotion of physical activity.
Department of Sport and Recreation
The department provides leadership, advice and funding for the sport and recreation industry in Western Australia. They acknowledge the role recreation plays in building stronger and safer communities, happier and healthier people, and the benefit to education.

Their goals are to acheive:
Industry development
Partcipation in physically active lifestyles
Infrastructure through quality sport and recreation facility planning, design and management
Developing organisations
Developing people
High performance, by encouraging the pursuit of excellence
Sport and Recreation Tasmania
( A body of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts)
Sport and Recreation Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government agency with a vision to ensure that all Tasmanians are physically active through sport and recreation.

Sport and Recreation Tasmania’s goals are to:
Develop and support a vibrant, innovative and inclusive sport and recreation sector
Develop Tasmania’s elite athletes
Facilitate participation opportunities in sport, recreation and physical activity
Promote the individual, social, economic, environmental and health benefits of sport, recreation and physical activity to the Tasmanian community.
Support the provision of quality facilities and environments that meet the sport, recreation and physical activity needs of the community.

Department of Sport and Recreation
The Northern Territory Department of Sport and Recreation’s vision is “Territorians having a lifelong involvement in sport and active recreation”.

To achieve this vision, they facilitate the development of a vibrant, self-managed, accessible and sustainable sport and active recreation system across the Northern Territory.

On a day-to-day basis they:
Provide grants to the industry to help build capacity
Deliver development programs to the industry to help build capacity
Deliver an Indigenous Sport Program targeted at remote communities
Provide a state-of-the-art elite athlete development centre at the Northern Territory Institute of Sport
Construct, maintain and manage key sporting facilities
Procure and then deliver major national and international sporting events
Deliver water safety programs, including administering the Swimming Pool Safety Act
Provide support and assistance to the racing industry in the Northern Territory.

Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing
They help Queenslanders enjoy sport and recreation opportunities by developing and supporting facilities. They are responsible for the planning of sport and recreation infrastructure, and encourage healthy lifestyles by providing Queenslanders with recreational and sporting opportunities.

This is acheived through a suite of initiatives including funding programs, community programs and workshops, active recreation centres and physical activity resources.

The Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) is an incorporated, not-for-profit association of outdoor industry professionals in Australia. The OCA, in its role as an advocate, endeavours to represent organisations and individuals that use outdoor adventure activities for the purpose of:

Personal development
Corporate development

The role of the OCA is to represent to the community, industry and all levels of government; the views and needs of the outdoor sector.


National Peak body
Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW
Tasmanian Outdoor Recreation Council
Outdoors Victoria (OV)
Established in 2013, OV is the peak body for the outdoors sector in Victoria.

OV is a not-for-profit, membership organisation, and they provide advocacy, representation, support, coordination, research, information services and policy development for members and other interested parties.

Supported by an experienced, skills-based Board and specialist advisory committees, OV builds on strength and existing capacity to further develop a sustainable outdoors sector.

The Council is the peak statewide body representing the outdoor recreation industry, including commercial operators, community organisations, schools, registered training organistions and government agencies.

Its main function is to promote outdoor recreation (including aquatic recreation) to members of the public in Tasmania and to provide information on recreational opportunities, leadership training and current issues.

The organisation also aims to increase participation in outdoor recreation and to promote involvement in outdoor recreation accross the broad community.

Subject areas include: opportunities, training, funding for organisations, national and international directions/opportunities, Risk Management, Contacts within Industry, etc.

The Council organises an annual industry conference in winter each year.
Outdoors WA
Outdoors WA - the peak body for the outdoor sector in Western Australia, including camping, outdoor recreation and outdoor education.

Outdoors WA is a respected association which assists the outdoor sector to provide sustainable quality outdoor programs in Western Australia.

Their mission is to provide leadership and support to the outdoor sector.

Outdoors WA has the following guiding values:
Continuous Improvement

ORIC is the State peak body for outdoor recreation, representing to the community, industries and levels of government, the views and needs of outdoor recreation and tourism operators, educators, leaders, as well as organisations that support leadership.

ORIC is a member driven organisation, recognised nationally and by government, as the Peak Industry Body representing the interests of Outdoor Recreation users in NSW, and assisting the outdoor recreation and education community by providing representation, information, services, resources and training.

ORIC (formerly The Outdoor Professionals) was formed in 1984 as a not-for-profit association to advocate and represent on behalf of the industry in NSW.

QORF is recognised as the peak industry body representing the interests of outdoor recreation users in Queensland.

QORF affirms the value of outdoor recreation and encourages the opportunity for all people to recreate outdoors.

To date, financial support for the organisation has been provided through the State Industry Peak Body Funding managed by Sport and Recreation Services, within the Queensland Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing.

A key reason for establishing the Federation was to assist communication between different user groups and all levels of government on outdoor recreation-related issues.

QORF was formed in 1996 as a not-for-profit association consisting of a coalition of outdoor recreation groups to represent and advocate on behalf of the industry.
Recreation SA
Recreation SA is an independent, member based organisation core funded by Office For Recreation & Sport. Their main objectives are to provide advocacy, leadership and innovation as the leader of the recreation industry with a vision to provide network and professional development opportunities to increase participation and active recreation in South Australia.

Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF)

Southbound Adventures is proud to provide quality outdoor education and adventure. They work with schools to ensure a program is tailored to requirements.

Formed in 1993, Southbound Adventures is committed to providing high quality experiential opportunities for personal growth and development. Through their programs they seek to provide a stimulating environment where students can grow individually and interpersonally through personal achievement and shared experience.

Tasmanian Expeditions offer treks on the Overland Track, the Cradle Mountain walks, the Walls of Jerusalem, Maria Island, the Bay of Fires, the Tarkine and the South Coast Track. They also guide rafting tourson the Franklin River, as well as East coast cycle tours. They specialise in custom tours for families, schools or other groups. They have a high commiment to quality leadership, and the sustainable conduct of these activities.

Tasmanian Expeditions pride themselves on having:
Outstanding Itineraries
Exceptional Leadership
Reliable Equipment
Local Tasmanian Knowledge
Private Groups & Flexibility
Responsible Travel
"Innovation and adventure is at the core of what we do, it has been since the start"

“Expect to be taught, entertained, guided and supported..."

World Challenge is the original school expedition company.

With over 7,000 students travelling on expedition every year, and challenges offered in 50 destinations around the world, including Africa, Asia, South East Asia, South America and Central America. They help young people achieve personal and team goals to develop valuable skills for later life.

World Challenge excites and engages, stretches and challenges, develops new skills and opens doors for the future. It is not just an amazing trip to another country, but a developmental journey that starts long before students even step on the plane.

"We are 100% focused on education". Every program they deliver is designed with the student’s personal development in mind.

Founded in 1987, no other company in the world has come close to organising as many overseas expeditions for schools as World Challenge.

OEG is one of the largest providers of journey-based outdoor education in Australia. Over the last 30 years they have delivered over 2 million student days in the outdoors. They have around 140 permanent staff in NSW and Victoria.

Unlike some other Outdoor companies, OEG is a non-profit organisation. The idea of becoming “non profit" was based around their goal to provide outcomes for students, not to benefit themselves.

They currently run multiple school programs across Australia. Programs range from one-day to four-week journey style expeditions, to centre based school camps.
Government Ministries
Peak Industry Bodies
Outdoor Employers

Personal Development
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