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All About Gauges

I made this as a way to attempt to persuade my mom into letting me stretch my ears. She is very solid in her decision, but I know all about them and I know what I'm doing. If you want to persuade your parents into letting you stretch your ears, enjoy

Spencer Wilmore

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of All About Gauges

All About Gauged/Stretched Ears
Plugs are my favorite type of gauge because they look very cool and can have cute pictures on them.
Tunnels are named after tunnels.
Because they're hollow.
Clever, huh?
Types of gauges
The only use for tapers is to put in a larger sized plug or tunnel. They are not for wearing out in public, mainly because they are disproportionate and will cause your ears to heal incorrectly. The longest you should wear them in would be a week, at most.
There are many types of plugs that can look like normal earrings
There are also plugs that I don't like
It looks like she has
Oreo's in her ears
Very cute.
Tapers are meant to be used only for inserting new
or larger plugs/tunnels
I don't understand why they come with the
elastic bands, it's not like you're going to
wear them for long
Skip to 1:00
I am not very into tunnels
mainly because it's slightly
odd to be able to see through
a person's ear lobe.
The proper way to insert your tapers/plugs is to apply the gauging lube so that your skin doesn't become irritated and/or torn. Neosporin also works just the same.
Sizes of the gauge
I understand your opinion on gauges and that you dislike the idea of putting holes in God's creation, but this is just a body that I won't have when I die and it won't matter then. My ears are pierced, your ears are pierced, millions of people have gauges. Just because someone has gauges makes them no further from God or from their religion. I love gauges and this is my personal decision. Yes you are my mom and you are my guardian, but you do not own my body. XOXOX
How to sanitize gauges
The best way to clean stretched ears is sea salt soaks to care for piercings, as there may be some minor damage that is unseen. NOT table salt, since table salt is iodized and can cause chemical burns if you try this method with it. Mix 1/4 TSP of sea salt with 8 OZ of warm water. Dunk a couple of cotton balls in the solution and hold one to each side of the earlobe for 5-15 minutes. This must be done 2-4 times a day for a few weeks. With this method, you are trying to replicate the saline that occurs naturally in your body.

Your lobes can shrink back to their normal size if you don't stretch them much. This applies to me, since I am not stretching too large. I read that they can shrink back at the size that I want to go to.
This is most likely the
largest size I will go
By gauging my ears, I am not trying to 'perfect' myself or make myself better in any way. I simply think gauging is fun and that I would enjoy it.
If you want to take away my happiness, that's fine, too... -_-
Hope you enjoyed ^.^
And why I should get them<3
And make the decision that makes me enjoy my teenage years with beautifully gauged ears
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