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Presidential Roles

No description

taylor urich

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Presidential Roles

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Commander in Chief
Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis
Space Race
Chief Legislator
Kennedy approved the following:
Medical care for the elderly
Federal aid for education
Raising minimum wage
Peace corps
Civil rights
Chief Executive
Two main goals:
Stop communism in all countries
Civil rights
Chief of Party
Made many appearances on behalf of the Democratic Party
Gained a lot of support from colored americans because of his civil rights law
Died before a lot of his democratic goals were fulfilled.

Presidential Roles- JFK
Chief of State
Very effective and influential speaker
Loved by the public
First president to effectively use live TV press conferences
JFK showing support to West Germany
Guardian of the Economy
USA was in recession when Kennedy was elected into office:
First national budget in 1961 led to first non-war, non-recession deficit
National budget in 1962 reached to 100 billion dollars
Kennedy's presidency led to the longest sustained economic expansion since WWII
Chief Diplomat
Very social president, received a lot of support from famous diplomats and celebrities.
Most famous trips- West Berlin
Nuclear Ban Test Treaty with the UK and Soviet Union.
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