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Reasons the USSR and US are to blame.

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angeline belanger

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Reasons the USSR and US are to blame.

> they had spied around and tried to turn most of Europe and communism
>they had fought to raise there standing in the arms race.
Reasons why the USSR is to blame.
>they over reacted thinking communism would enter the US government.
>they had the idea to start the arms race with a country that would fight back.
Reasons why the US is to blame.
the US and the USSR fought to gain power in the form of the arms race. creating missile and and atom bombs had given strength but at a cost. due to Cuban missile crisis both countries realized how dangerous these weapons where.
why they fought
the arms race was brought about to showcase the strength of both the US and the USSR and their power over each other. when fought both had equal amounts of weapons until the atom bomb that is when the US had gained an advantage. then cause of spy's the USSR had created there own bomb.
why they Raced
Reasons the USSR and US are to blame.
US propaganda
USSR propaganda
Cards they were Dealt
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