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Greek Mythology

Journey through the web to learn and apply Greek Mythology to every day life.

Meredith Haws

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Introduction This WebQuest asks students to explore Greek Mythology. They will travel through the world wide web looking at stories, images, and articles detailing the gods, goddesses, and heroes of Greek Mythology. The people of Ancient Greece used these stories to explain what they considered to be unexplainable. The stories of the gods, goddesses, and heroes provided answers to the mysteries the surrounded their world.

You'll be working in groups of three. Each of you will be needed in order to get through the WebQuest. Split up the research: each person should always research information 1, 2, or 3. You must go back and collaborate with your group members. You won't be able to proceed in the WebQuest without doing so. Check out your avatar's in the introduction! http://www.voki.com/php/viewmessage/?chsm=cff359af7d672508611dbdd480df0662&mId=453867 Task Mrs. Haws has been kidnapped by the Titan Lord, Kronos. He was impersonating your Principal! You must travel through the school to rescue her from the principal's office. Remember to look back at the stories of the gods, godesses, and heroes: they should help you make it to her safely. Get your pen and paper ready; you never know what you'll need to make it through the school. As you travel through the school, you will encounter the ancient mosters of Greek Mythology. You will have to research the stories so that you can defeat the monsters. Watch out for teachers and students: they aren't necessarily going to be helpful during this journey. After each encounter that you have, write about the traits and tools that you needed to be successful. Did you need to be brave? Quick-witted? Knowledgeable? Each encounter's description should be at least a paragraph. Continue to write how you chose to defeat the ancient creatures that you encounter. Did you use any interesting tools that you found throughout the school? 1 2 3 Process It's time to go;
are you ready? The Dangers of the Math Teacher As you creep out of the classroom, you notice the math teacher, you know, the really strict one lurking in the shadows. Should you trust them? You timidly approach the teacher and ask, "Have you heard what happened to Mrs. Haws?"

The math teacher appears not to have heard; you slowly back away, realizing your mistake but it's too late. You see the math teacher transform right in front of your eyes.

The teacher now has hoofed feet and a horned head. You look down at your shirt and consider, "Today was a bad day to wear a red shirt!"

Examine the myths below. Identify the monster you're encountering as well as how you and your teammates are going to defeat it. 1 2 3 http://greece.mrdonn.org/theseus.html Theseus and the Minotaur The Minoans and the Myth of the Minotaur http://greece.mrdonn.org/minoans.html The Legend of the Minotaur http://www.greekfoodanddrink.com/culture/mythology/LegendsMinotaur.htm Encounter 1 Pull together the information that all three groups members have gathered. How did the Minotaur come about in mythology? What were the Greecians trying to explain?

Did you come up with a way to defeat the Minotaur as a group? What tools are you going to use? How are all three of you going to be involved in the defeat of this monster? Do you have to kill it to defeat it? Think of an alternative to the death of the Minotaur. Be detailed in your description. The German Teacher's Curls Whew, I'm glad that you escaped that one. The Minotaur is not an easy creature to defeat. You're one step closer to rescuing Mrs. Haws from Kronos. Be careful when you creep around the corner. You never know what's waiting. As a group, you decide to take a short cut through the language lab. Even though you know you're likely to encounter another teacher there, you know it's the fastest way to the Principal's office and the fastest way to Mrs. Haws.

What precautions can you take before entering the lab since you don't know what's waiting? Any ideas. Record them after your description of the Minotaur's defeat. You notice through the window in the door that the German teacher is grading papers at her desk. You don't know why, but she's always given you the creeps. Maybe it's the thick transition lenses that she wears that never transition all the way from the outside to the inside. Or maybe it's the way her hair spirals in all directions. Whatever the reason, you think the creepiest part about her is the small statue of a frightened mouse on her desk. Vermon is not decoration.

You glance at her before entering the room. She seems to be absorbed in her paper grading. The three of you decide to slowly make your way across the classroom: maybe you won't be seen.

As you inch across the room, you hear a hiss. Don't turn around yet. Take a look at these before you decide what to do. 1 2 3 Medusa and Athen http://www.dltk-kids.com/world/greece/m-story-medusa-and-athena.htm Perseus and Medusa Modern Medusa Encoutner 2 Now that you've researched Medusa, what next? (Make sure you have discussed your findings with your groups.) How are you going to defeat the Gorgon German teacher? Should you take into account how she came to be the way she is? What happened with her and Perseus? Di you see the lady in the You Tube video? What happened to her? Why? Take all these things into consideration as you make your plan of attack.

What do you need to in order to defeat her? Do you see any tools around the classroom that could help? Make sure your descriptions are detailed. I'm glad you made it through that one. What did you do? What did you use? Do you have any additional tools that you can bring along with you as you continue through the school?

You're almost there. You have to get through the Secretary area of the office before you can make it back to the Principal's office. Be careful. Mrs. Haws. is depending on you. Blinking Eyes The office is deserted. There's no one in the secretary area. Maybe you're going to make it through without any trouble. Did you take a look around you?

There's a stange peacock fan hanging on the wall of the office that wasn't there before. Isn't it crazy how all those dots look like eyes?

Wait a second! Did one of those eyes just blink? Get ready! Argus has returned and is watching you. Wathc the video below: is Argus good or bad? Do you think he will help you? Many-Eyed Friend or Foe? Hermes Perspective Consider who Argus works for: would he want to defeat Kronos?

Write about how Argus: what is his story? How could be prove useful in the coming journey? If Argus agrees, bring him along in the form of the Peacock fan. He could be a lot of help. The Titan Lord's Pet You sneak through the office with Argus. You can't hear any disturbances coming from the Principal's office. Peaking through the window, you see Mrs. Haws tied to a chait but you also see that you might have bitten off more than you can chew, like nine heads more than you can chew!

Mrs. Haws sees you through the window and screams for you to run. She says, "it's a trap! Kronos is gone! He meant for you to perish!"

There's no doubt to Mrs. Haws words. Looming above her is a swiveling mass of nine heads: what can you do? WWHD? 1 2 3 Disney's Take on the Hydra Hercules vs. Hydro: The Ancient Myth http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/hydra.html Consider the Alternatives and Meaning http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/LernaeanHydra.html Conclusion Now is the time to act. Collaborate on the information you learned in your research. You must now defeat the Hydra in order to save Mrs. Haws. Don't foget, you have to find a way to use Argus and his many eyes to help you to defeat the hydra. Be detailed in your description of the final fight.

Make sure to explain why you chose the actions you chose in your fight against the hydra. What did you discover the hydra meant as a larger metaphor in Greek Mythology? Now that you've rescued Mrs. Haws, compile all of your adventure responses. Review them as a group. What do you think about using myths to explain unanswered questions? Write one ore more paragraphs explaining your opinion on using myth to explain unswered questions. Refer to the stories you have researched during this webquest. What did they explain? Do you find the stories a good way to answer questions? Every person's opinion in your group should be represented in the response. If opinions differ, offer the differeing opinions.

Compile all of your adventures into an essay. Make sure to include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion. There will be one paper turned in for your entire group. Make sure you are dividing the labor. You will fill out evaluations on each others participation.

Refer to the rubric and be sure that your adventures follow all of the requirements. Great work class! I hope you enjoyed your adventure! http://www.voki.com/php/viewmessage/?chsm=788d3f99eda6b45ce0cbf7b0061f05a9&mId=454604 Encounter 3 Evaluation Teacher Page Below are the references, standards, personal information, and 5W/5E for this webquest. Personal Information Meredith L. Haws

Grade 7: Greek Mythology Standards
STANDARD: The student will give and seek information in conversations, in group discussions, and in oral presentations.
> Communicate ideas and information orally in an organized and succinct manner.
> Ask probing questions to seek elaboration and clarification of ideas.
STANDARD: The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fiction, narrative nonfiction, and poetry.
> Summarize text.
STANDARD: The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of informational texts.
> Summarize what is read.
> Organize and synthesize information for use in written and oral presentations.
STANDARD: The student will apply knowledge of appropriate reference materials.
> Synthesize information from multiple sources.
STANDARD: The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing. What Would Hercules Do? References 5W5E
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