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Seth Bollinger

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Seth Bollinger's Birthday Playbook

James Oglethorpe landed in Savannah-1733
First puppet show performed-1738
Baseball catchers mask patented-1878
Venera 1 launched-1961
Famous People
Thaddeus Kosciusko-1746 to 1817
Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams-1775 to 1852
Abe Lincoln-1809 to 1865
Charles Darwin-1809 to 1882
Flower and Gemstone
Flower-Violet or Primrose
Record high in Philadelphia was 70 degrees F-1999
Record low was 2 degrees F-1979
Average high-43 degrees F
Average low-27 degrees F
12th, 2000
Historical Events
Historical Events (continued)
International Pancake Day
Fugitive slave law enacted-1793
Venera 1
First Soviet planetary flight
Launched from Sputnik 8
Lost radio contact during flight
Once it passed Venus, it was not operated by anybody
Famous People (continued)
Robert Griffin III (RG3)-1990
Judy Blume-1913 to 1992
Randolph Caldecott-1846 to 1886
Randolph Caldecott
Caldecott award named after him
Wrote many illustrated books for children
Great illustrater and published many drawings and books
Every Christmas children would look forward to a new illustrated book from him.
Symbolizes stability, peace, courage, inner strength
Purple color-symbolic for wealth or royalty
Symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and chasity
Hidden message: "I'll always be true" and "Let's take a chance."
Statistics (continued)
322 days left until the end of the year
43 days past January 1st
That Concludes Seth Bollinger's Amazing, Awesome, Cool, Super, Sweet, Boss, Beast, and the Sickest Birthday Bash EVER!!!!!!
Rocking Out!!!
Going Crazy!!!!
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