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Social Media and Strategies That Work For Brands

Philippine Marketing Association Comizio, April 21 2010, The Tower Club, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. [to be updated with sources]

Paul Papadimitriou

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media and Strategies That Work For Brands

@papadimitriou Paul Papadimitriou Driving Left Digital Intelligence paulpapadimitriou.com Tokyo Geneva Limassol That's in Cyprus Social Media and Strategies That Work For Brands Think Learn Thank you! @papadimitriou Paul Papadimitriou paulpapadimitriou.com Market research Consultancy What is "Social Media"? Web-based media disseminated through social interaction. Social Technologies Social Content Text Pictures Audio Video Social networking sites & platforms Social Interaction Communication Multimedia sharing Reviews Aggregation Collaboration From tech-savvy circles to global phenomenon in ten years Hype? Novelty Culture Business? I don't like the term... Thus, brands Foresee Social advertising Location Location-based peer reviews Personalization Localization Location-based sponsored branding Twitter Places Identify societal & technological trends Identify opportunities & challenges Personalize your brand Adapt quickly Real time web Predictive web It's importance will increase Overload? Time spent consuming content hours minutes seconds The Philippines A prime destination Not only teens Trust Watching videos online Uploaded video online Observe Behaviors Strategies International
phenomenon Watch What brands spend What brands experience What brands feel Measure Feedback Objectives Social CRM Analysis Metrics Emulate Get your fans in the command chair Find customers who love you Find new talents Immerse customers in your brand Personalize your brand Make your fans compete for you Direct sales Reward your fans Get feedback Your customers love you Distribute your brand ...or not Sponsor a customer The elephant in the room R.O.I. brands need to be able to anticipate
what customers are saying and doing Location & personalization The Attention Economy Support your customers Decide who you want to be & think Creating a Twitter & a Facebook Page is not a strategy who is your brand Create communities paul@ppdmtr.com Cut through the noise Identify influencers Analyze sentiment Manage crisis Measure your successes Answer quickly Domino's Pizza, Debenhams #1 market for social networking 200,000 blogs 5.5 hrs/month of SNS in Feb '10 average of 26 visits of SNS a month 26m watch videos online 5.5m browse internet mobile 41m will be online in 2014 90% read blogs Planning often badly done Don't give social marketing to the new young hire Human network that connects people with similar interests on the web 60% of US online shoppers use social web tools 56% follow retailers online Motivation invitations to events special offers promotions 48% of US customers who followed a brand on Twitter went to search for more information about it 44% recommended the brand through social web tools Agencies exist no "social media expert" High presence & engagement like Dell or Starbucks? Low presence but high engagement like H&M or Philips? No engagement? Maslow pyramid Creativity & problem-solving impact on all departments research & planning crucial where are your customers online? what are your competitors doing? how do they behave in the context of your brand? or GenY or Millenials Get ready to manage
crisis focus on relationships, not campaigns Content is not inherently viral but the right strategy help reaching to the ones who might make it viral information finds people create utility focus on experiences be relevant brand is media Act but take small steps Don't be afraid share the spotlight and to the PMA! Sorry for the sea sickness Facebook friend referral makes 2/3 of US Facebook users more likely to purchase a product or visit a retailer Corporate training Strategy Tomorrow August IMMAP Summit Markets are conversations The conversations were already happening Social media amplifies them I lived in Manila in 2009 It can be cheap Mobile Scale, scale, scale Impossible to match the
number of active customers Customers don't care which department handles what
They want answers they'll influence others Radian6
BuzzMetrics Nielsen
PressArmy,... language matters! common words metrics preferential treatment? what if Manny Pacquaio
enters your store? Is accounting fun? Have fun with your customers Be there Infunmercialize you'll be forgiven for your mistakes forgot your wallet this morning? forgot your mobile this morning? may I use your laptop? may I use your mobile? personal portable identity portal to online experiences
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