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King vs. Pope

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of King vs. Pope

King vs. Pope
Do Now - Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Feudal Structure
So What Happened? Who actually had the most power in the Middle Ages?
First, the Pope was angry at the King. The Pope tried to have the king
-- this means he tried to have people kick the king out of his position and hire a new king.
It didn't work, so the Pope
the King.
Exit Ticket
Emperor Henry IV
Emperor Henry IV believed that he (the king) should be able to appoint (hire) bishops since they were often his vassals (they were noblemen!) and helped him. Plus, he was the king, so obviously he should get to choose!

The Pope, Gregory VII, disagreed. He believed that he, the Pope, should be able to hire bishops since they worked in the Church. Plus, he was the the most religious person around -- he should definitely get to hire other religious people!

Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT cite evidence when answering this question:
Who should have the power to appoint (choose or hire) bishops, the king or the pope?
Characteristics of a Medieval King
Characteristics of a Medieval Pope
Characteristics of a Medieval Bishop

Pope Gregory VII
Church Structure
Feudal Structure
Church Structure
Pair Share: If you had to choose one person who is *actually* the most important in the Medieval Era
(the King or the Pope)
, who would you choose?
So the King walked all the way from his country to Italy to the Pope's Palace. He waited for 3 days in the snow until the pope finally agreed to see him.

He begged for the Pope's forgiveness, and finally the Pope forgave him.
Your task: You have traveled back in time to the Middle Ages. The King and the Pope have come to you because of your wisdom.

For each piece of evidence, explain whether you believe it supports the King or the Pope.

*You will not have your head cut off if you anger the King
*You will not be kicked out of the Church if you anger the Pope
Please have your Catholic Church WS on your desk to recieve credit.
Pass Back Quizzes
Make Ups on Thursday

1. In the European feudal system, a vassal referred to __________.

A. only a noble who was responsible for the protection of lesser lords

B. only a lesser lord that was under the highest noble

C. any man who was responsible for the protection of another man

D. any man who put himself under the protection of a stronger man or lord
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