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Klondike Gold Rush & Dog Sledding

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roy evans

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Klondike Gold Rush & Dog Sledding

Klondike Gold Rush & Dog Sledding
Starting of the Klondike Gold Rush
Jim Mason is known for finding and starting the Klondike Gold Rush.He was an Tagish indian. In August 16, 1896 looked for gold in Rabbit creek. It was also called Bonanza creek. They found a lot of it too. He was that other miners were going to make racist remarks because he was indian. Later he staked some more claims and started a mini rush near the Kluane Lake area in 1905.
What exactly happened in the Klondike Gold Rush
Within six months of August 16,1896 about 100,000 gold-seekers went to the Yukon to look for gold. Not all of them made it though. Only about 30,000 completed the trip there. Many of them died or just lost interest and didn't want to do it any more. Sadly not all them got all the gold they wanted. For the new comers everything was claimed before they got there. They found themselves working for other miners them working for themselves.
How was dog sledding involved with the Klondike Gold
The sled dogs are very important for the Klondike. Without them it would be next to impossible to do as much as they did. They played a great role in helping get mail and different kinds of freights. It also helped settle a lot of Alaska and Canada. Because of the loyalty of the sled dogs it made them easy to train to pull sleds.
When the Klondike Gold rush Started
it happened between 1896 and 1899. about 100,000 people headed up there in search for gold. But only about 30,000 people actually made there to search for gold. It is also called the Yukon Gold Rush, the Last Great Gold Rush, and the Alaska Gold Rush. Most of the gold was found off of the Klondike river in 1896.
Why did people want gold so much
They were wanting to get enough money to raise for their families. Many people have died during the gold rush. Going their was a bad gamble for some people. For some people it would have been better if they would have stayed home. some became even poorer. For some though they may have gotten even richer.
Klondike d Rush
Dog Sled Team
Where did the Klondike Gold Rush
It was in Alaska and in Canada. To be more specific with when Canada it was in the Yukon. Many gold seekers took ports in Seattle and headed north. Many of them stayed in little towns like Skagway and Dyea. Skagway was at the head of the White pass trail. Dyea was three miles awat from the head of Taiya Inlet.
http://www.nps.gov/klgo/history culture/index.htm
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