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savana sanchez

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Surfraka

Surfaraka is located at exactly 23 degrees North and 135 degrees west
Surfarka is west of North America
Surfarka is also east of the Hawaiian islands
The country is in the Pacific ocean north of the Equator, on the Tropic of Cancer
The climate is Surfraka is never cold. In winter it is around 70 degrees. Sometimes during the summer it gets really dry and humid, around 115 degrees. This affects growth in the crops.
The main species of animals in the rainforest are lemurs, monkeys, jungle cats, and the trees. The main species in the ocean are the thousands of fish. In the swamp the main species are the alligators and crocodiles. And lastly, in the mountains the major species are cattle and buffalo.
Surfrakians speak English and spanish, although the language the people in the swamp speak is unknown.
The major religions in Surfraka are Christianity, Jewish, and spiritual.
Surfraka's government consists of 6 leaders from each tribe.
The economy is made up of the rich and the poor, the rich buys objects with shells, and the poor trade.
Surfraka rarely has visitors because they like to keep everything in line and simple.
The people of our country believe that you should not change these places, and have had no impact on the environment.
In Surfraka there are no cities or provinces, instead we have villages and towns
Surfraka has no pollution and they do not use electricity.
Ronka = Rainforest
Oran = Mountains
Yeeka = Volcanoes
Gook = Swamp/Moss
Blueco = Beach
Perka = Town/Government
Every region has different human personality, ideas, and traditions because of the land types
People, goods, information, and ideas travel by
Exported items include
Many people move to or from Surfraka because they like to keep things simple. they don't want any new people unless needed. The landscape of the rainforest has bloomed and expanded over time. Also the Swamp area has gotten worse because of the tsunamis.
Tropical fruits
Imported items include
Surfraka is a gorgeous country that cherishes its natural beauty everyday. The people that live there care very much about their island and love living there. Even though the people are different the island keeps them together.
Human Environment Interaction
Surfraka has many different types of environments and each region has a different one, so each region people adapt differently.
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