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No description

Jemima Kenyon

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Dolphins

By Jemima Kenyon Dolphins Dolphins normally eat fish but sometimes they eat squid and octopuses too they don't eat zebra fish though. Dolphins are normally very picky about their food if they don't want some kind of food they will not eat it and they will want another type. What do dolphins eat? Dolphins love playing they would play all day if they could.They also love eating fish is their favourite food. Dolphins favourite things Dolphins are very playful and love attention from humans.They play with balls and hoops and many other fun things but only if they are kept in a marine park if they are in the sea they play with each other doing tricks and other amazing things. Dolphins playing Thank you for listening! Did you know dolphins symbolise harmony,freedom,communication and trust.Dolphins are also very friendly and playful. dolphins personality
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