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Welcome To T Bay

No description

ed zumstein

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Welcome To T Bay

What To Expect: Growth Mastering Welcome to All of these skills to earn you more money, respect, and pride in your role as a Trulian than you can picture right now

Failure is not an option... ...And fine tune - Dramatic growth in the next four weeks
(Expect to learn a lot, every day, in every direction)

- One on ones with your coach
(You will review recorded calls, questions and answers,
action plans, progress and goals, and coaching opportunities.
Coaches are busy, and you are a part of a team, so this may
mean that you will not get the attention you want right
away, but you will get a lot of coaching throughout).

-Live Call Monitoring
(Your coach will be able to listen to your calls, helping you reinforce strong sales habits)

- Group huddles everyday @ 730am and 1pm
(Do not plan any appointments or call backs during this time)

-Everyone (including yourself ) upholds the IMPACT Values Prepare to:

-Become a better sales person than you knew you could be!

-Learn to navigate through new computer programs, browsers, and online tools

-Dissect every part of your sales pitch to gain a thorough and in-depth understanding of the psychology of a sales pitch

-Represent products that work! To what degree of success is the only question... You will learn how to master
-Objection Handling
-Value Building
- . . . and . . . How to be
a great
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