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Appalachian Region

By: Lensa Youssouf & Shahana Ramanathan

Lensa Youssouf

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Appalachian Region

Appalachian Region Did you ever hear of the
Appalachian mountains?
Well if you didn't, it is a range of mountains in Southeastern Canada called the Appalachian region (Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). The Appalachian region
was formed during the Paleozoic
era, about 480 million years ago. At this time in geologic history, the North American plate and the European plate collided with each other.While this was happening, the sedimentary rocks were layering underwater and volcanic activity and faulting caused igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks to form. During the last ice age, the weight of the ice pressed the Appalachians mountains down. As the land sank and the ice melted the small inlets along the East Coast were flooded by sea. The long bays were created from a drowned coastline. These long bays have provided harbors, ocean freighters and some have became the site of major cities. This is a reason why the Appalachians have fresh water. Other settlement is located in the fertile river, valleys and sea coast. The name "Appalachians" originated from a tribe that lived near the region "Appalachia" and they called it Appalachians ever since. The Appalachian region contains a lot of coal and in 1859
it was discovered that there were
large quantities of petroleum, iron and zinc in the Appalachian mountains. Due to this, Canadians don't settle there because the housing is too unaffordable and expensive. Climate The Appalachian region is very temperate and humid (4-14 degrees Celsius) and have an altitude below 2,000 feet (on the mountains). Wildlife The Appalachian region have a lot of wildlife going on, for the fact people don't choose to live there. Animals such as moose's, black bears,beavers, foxes, hawks, turtles, rattlesnakes live up in those mountains. HOW THE APPALACHIANS CAME TO BE APPALACHIANS AND FRESH WATER HOW THE APPALACHIANS GOT ITS NAME WHY THE LAND IS WORTH A LOT After all this, the Appalachians went through intensive erosion and became
a range of mountains called the Appalachian mountains due to folded rocks, parallel ridges and valleys, sediments and volcanic rock layers. PICTURES DID YOU KNOW??? The Appalachian region is
1, 909,000 km square in area? The oldest highland region in Canada is the
Appalachian region? The Appalachian mountains became smaller
due to erosion? THE END! :) Enjoy the video!
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