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Session 1

No description

Christine Williams

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of Session 1


Introduce Yourself!
Who do you live with?
What do you like to do for fun?
Anger Score
0-3 Good Job!
4-6 Not Bad.
7-9 Danger.
10-12 Trouble...
13-15 Big Trouble!
16-20 Disaster!!
You can talk about yourself, but not about others.
How do you usually express your anger?
Anger in My Family
Put an X by the items on the questionnaire that apply to you.
Helpful Thoughts
Helpful thoughts are thoughts that help you calm down.
Is this working for you?
How do people in your family express their anger?
How Can This Group Help ME?
It can help you stay out of trouble
It can help you have better relationships
You will feel better - it's no fun going through life like a ticking time bomb!
Thoughts or situations that make you more mad.
RAIN Technique

R = Recognize How I Am Feeling
A = Allow Myself to Feel That Way
I = Investigate With Kindness
N = Nurture: How Can I Take Good Care of This Feeling?
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