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Pearl Jam

This Prezi is on a little band called, Pearl Jam. Enjoy.

Cole Fox

on 6 January 2011

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Transcript of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Also know as Mookie Blaylock, Pearl Jam was founded in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. Record Labels Pearl Jam has had four record labels. Monkeywrench Records Universal Music Group J Records Epic Records Alternative rock emerged in the 1980's based out of punk rock. Alternative rock became wildly popular in the 1990's. Through the 90's, it evolved into many sub-genres, including grunge. Grunge was mostly popular and based out of Washington state, specifically Seattle. Since the 90's Grunge has became less popular. Past Members
Dave Krusen (drums, 1991)
Matt Chamberlain (drums, 1990-1991)
Dave Abbruzzese (drums, 1991-1994)
Jack Irons (drums, 1994-1998) Present Members
Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar, 1990-present)
Mike McCready (lead guitar,1990-present)
Stone Gossard (rythym guitar, 1990-present)
Matt Cameron (drums,1998-present) Releases

↙Studio albums.................9
↙Live albums.......................7
↙Compilation albums...2
↙Extended plays...............1
↙Video albums...................5
↙Music videos....................17
↙Official bootlegs..........263 Studio Albums Ten (1991)
"Alive" 1991
"Even Flow" 1992
"Jeremy" 1992
"Oceans" 1992 Vs. (1993)
"Go" 1993
"Daughter" 1993
"Animal" 1994
"Dissident" 1994 Vitalogy (1994)
"Spin the Black Circle" 1994
"Not For You" 1995
"Immortality" 1995 No Code (1996)
"Who You Are" 1996
"Hail, Hail" 1996
"Off He Goes" 1996 Yield (1998)
"Given to Fly" 1998
"Wishlist" 1998 No Boundries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees.
Epic Records released this album in 1998 to raise money for Ethnic Albanians.
"Last Kiss" 1999
"Big Fish: Music From the Motion Picture
"Man of the Hour" 2003 Binaural (2000)
"Nothing as It Seems/Grievance" 2000
"Light Years" 2000 Riot Act (2002)
"I Am Mine" 2002
"Save You" 2003
"Love Boat Captain" 2003 Pearl Jam (2006)
"World Wide Suicide" 2006
"Life Wasted" 2006
"Gone" 2006 Backspacer (2009)
"The Fixer" 2009
"Just Breathe/Got Some" 2009
"Amongst the Winds" 2010 Other Studio Singles Non-Album Single
"Love Reign O'er Me" 2007 ___Year Title Director___________________
2002 "Love Boat Captain" James Frost
2002 "Thumbing My Way" James Frost
2002 "1/2 Full" James Frost
2006 "World Wide Suicide" Danny Clinch
2006 "Life Wasted" Fernando Apodaca
2009 "The Fixer" Cameron Crowe
2009 "Just Breathe" Gary Menotti
2010 "Amongst the Waves" Ryan Thomas, Brendan Canty ___Year Title Director________________________
1991 "Alive" Josh Taft
1991 "Jeremy" Josh Taft (Alt. version) Chris Cuffaro
1992 "Even Flow" Josh Taft
1992 "Even Flow" (Alt. version) Rocky Schenck
1992 "Jeremy" Mark Pellington
1992 "Oceans" Josh Taft
1998 "Do the Evolution" Todd McFarlane, Kevin Altieri
2002 "I Am Mine" James Frost
2002 "Save You" James Frost Music Videos Yours truly, Pearl Jam American Music Awards

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

Esky Music Awards

Golden Globe Awards

Grammy Awards

Juno Awards

MTV Video Music Awards

mtvU Woodie Awards

Radio Music Awards

World Soundtrack Awards

Total Award 9
36 Nominations Awards Won
11 Pearl Jam has sold over 30 million records in the U.S. and an estimated 60 million world wide. Green River
Bad Radio
Mother Love Bone,
Temple of the Dog
Wellwater Conspiracy
Mad Season
Three Fish
The Rockfords
Neil Young
Red Hot Chili Peppers Associated Acts Pearl Jam Hits (U.S.) Studio Albums
Ten #2
Vs. #1
Vitalogy #1
No Code #1
Yield #2
Binaural #2
Riot Act #5
Pearl Jam #2
Backspacer #1 Singles (Top 5, U.S. Main) "Even Flow" #3
"Jeremy" #5
"Go" #3
"Daughter" #1
"Dissident" #3 "Who You Are" #5
"Given to Fly" #1
"Last Kiss" #5
"Nothing as It Seems/Grievance" #3
"World Wide Suicide" #2 Eddie Vedder Matt Cameron Mike McCready Jeff Ament Stone Gossard Pearl Jam has been around since 1990, inspiring many other bands. You can visit Pearl Jam's website www.pearljam.com
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