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Trans-Atlantic Interactions

No description

Peter Gilroy

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Trans-Atlantic Interactions

Transatlatic interactions had an influential role with maintaining continuity as well as fostering change because of triangular trade and the first and second Atlantic trading systems.
Influence of Triangular Trade
Merchant class
Mass production
Imports and exports
Navigation acts
Second Atlantic Trade System
(1700's) European dominate slave trade
Africans traded each other for manufactured goods
New world economy built on slavery
Change in labor systems
Slave dependent colonies in the new world
Slave trade with european countries
Growing Productions
Agricultural products
Slave influence
Angelo Arrigo
Brad Bieski
Peter Gilroy
Jared Wehrmann
Justin Schantz

First Atlantic Trade System
Portuguese Slave Trade (1600's)
Trade Routes
Trans-Atlantic Interactions
American colonies-> European countries-> African nations-> Europe->American colonies
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