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Natural Resources

No description

lindsey lacoste

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Natural Resources

Fresh Water
Photo Credit: Joshua Nowicki 2012
Natural Resources: Gifts From the Earth
What are natural resources?
A natural resource is something which is found in nature and is used by humans.

This includes:
-Fresh Water
-Fertile Soil
Renewable Resources
A renewable resource is a resource that is virtually inexhaustible or that can be replenished over relatively short time spans (Lutgens, Tarbuck, Tasa, 2009).

In other words, resources we can make more of quickly and probably won't run out of.

Non-renewable Resources
A non-renewable resource is "a resource that forms or accumulates over such long time spans that it must be as fixed in total quantity" (Lutgens, Tarbuck, Tasa, 2009).

In other words, resources that take so long to form that we could possibly use up all the supply that is available.

Fertile Soil
Photo Credit: Evan Abrahmson 2008

Photo Credit: Nostrifikator 2006 Photo Credit: Captain Jim Wood 2012
Photo Credit: Peter Craven 2011 Photo Credit: Jonathan Zander 2009
Photo Credit: Bryant Olsen 2010
Photo Credit: http://kidsfoodfestival.com

Photo Credit: Entheta 2009
Photo Credit: Borsi112, 2007
What are the things that you do to help conserve our natural resources?
Works Cited
Lutgens, Tarbuck & Tasa. (2009).
Earth Science.
Pearson Prentice-Hall: New Jersey.
*Unless otherwise noted, photos used in this presentation were derived from: www.commons.wikimedia.org, a creative commons file sharing community. Photos have been credited in presentation using the owner's user name and those not credited are public domain. This presentation is to be used for educational purposes only and the author does not claim to have created or ownership of any images within.

Sun and Wind

Photo Credit: Leaflet, 2004
Photo Credit: Christoffer Riemer, 2009
Lindsey LaCoste
EDMT 330
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