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HIST 1405 - Lecture 1 (8 September 2014)

No description

HIST 1405

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of HIST 1405 - Lecture 1 (8 September 2014)

Welcome !
Using IQlickers

Using Blackboard / Course Details

IQlickers is an interactive tool that will facilitate student participation in this large course. We will learn how to use IQlickers today so that everyone can feel comfortable responding to questions and expressing their opinions.
IQlickers Demo
Don't worry if you do not have a "smart" mobile phone. IQlicker works with

If you generally do not use a mobile phone, please inform the instructors so that alternative arrangements can be made.
Finding the History Department
Take the lifts (elevators) in the AAB building (preferably the ones above the parking lot)

The History department is next to the Government and International Studies department (GIS) on the 11th floor

The main office is located at: AAB 1151

For administrative matters, please seek: Ms. Renee Chan and Ms. Crystal Poon
Dr. Loretta Kim

Mr. Victor Fong

Course email
IQlickers exercise
Follow the instructions given to answer the question about whether you have taken history courses in secondary school.

If you have any questions or problems, please raise your hand so Dr. Kim and Mr. Fong can assist you.
History, Heritage, and Human Communities
HIST 1405


One Stop Resource

10 minute break
Choosing a capital for China in 1912
Prezis are available on "prezi.com" -- look for HIST 1405
But do not open ones with the ending "in progress" because they are incomplete
We are in the chamber of parliament, 1912
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