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No description

Nathan Windeler

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Electromagnets

How does voltage affect the amount of paper clips the electromagnet can pick up?
If we add more voltage to the battery, then the electromagnet will pick up more paper clips.
The number of coils in the wire on the nail
The paper clips picked up
The voltage of the battery
Research (.com)
coolmagnetman.com (4,13,2015) 9:55
education.ijab.org (4,13,2015) 10:00

Research (The Info)
1. Get the battery.
2. Coil wire around the nail.
3. Attach wire to the battery.
4. Pick up the paper clips with the electromagnet.
5. Repeat with batteries of different voltage.
Paper Clips
Five Batteries of Different Voltage
Electrical Copper Wire
A Nail
An electromagnet is a coil of wire around an iron core. When connected to a DC voltage or current source of electricity, it makes a magnetic field around the electromagnet.
But then if it is connected to an AC voltage or a current source it will be changing its flux density as the current fluctuates.
Data Table
Conclusion (CER)
Further Questions
By: Nathan, Jack, Seth, And Ruben
The battery with the most voltage didn't pick the most paper clips, it was the second-most that picked up the most paper clips.
The battery that picked up 4 paper clips was 6v, the one that got 3 paper clips was 9v, and the one with 1.5v picked up none! What is strange though, is that the 6v battery is 4x the 1.5v, but the 1.5v picked up none. Also, the 9v battery is greater than the 6v, but got less paper clips.
Our data might not have been accurate because we were having problems with the electromagnets. The batteries might not have been charged, there could have been a bad connection, and we might have not been using a good wire or nail.

*Why did the 6v pick up
more than the 9v?
*Does the size of the
electromagnet affect its pull?
*Why did the batteries get hot?
*Does the amount of paper clips
in an area affect the pull?
*Does the size of the
wire affect an
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