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No description

Jacklyn Wade

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of textile

Textile Test & Analysis who is our Target Market?
Lab Tests Appearance Retention price conscientious
low expectations
men ages 30-60 The recorded change over 4 wash cycles was: an overall minor shrinkage or very little change What is a Zone Defect? unclipped threads
exposed seams
small holes
Zone defects were acceptable for the expected quality of the garment.
Yarn Direction and Yarn Number both warp and filling were Z-Twist
average warp: Ne(warp) 25.52
average filling: ne(warp) 34.53 how is the seam Appearance?
before laundering:
average group rating SS-4
after fourth wash cycle:
average group rating SS-3.5 Random Pilling Test average group rating: 2 (severe pilling)
16.67 pills per square inch after 30 min test Wear Test 4 wear tests for 7 hours each
Performance observations:
fabric overall was comfortable, but had an extremely stiff collar
tag was irritatin to skin
seams lied evenly
bottom of hemline did not curl under
draped well
softer after the fourth wash

Fabric Test Fabric count
average of 3 specimens: 61 X 57
Fabric weight:
5.1 inches long
3.9 inches wide
19.95 square inches in area
1.196 grams in weight
0.060 grams per square inch in weight
2.743 ounces per square yards in weight
Fabric Skew
passed with a 2.1 % skew
Fabric Wrinkle Recovery
Colorfastness Non Chlorine Bleach:
all four colors recieved a rating equal to or above 4.5
garment passed ASTM standards
Chlorine Bleach:
all ratings below 2.5 for all colors except white
garment failed ASTM standards
white was the only color to pass
Few to no changes in color shade as a result of laundering
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