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Incident In A Rose Garden

No description

rina zejneli

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Incident In A Rose Garden

Incident in a Rose Garden
Donald Justice Rhyme Scheme Imagery Tone Syntax Figurative Language Theme Gardener:
Sir, I encountered Death
Just now among our roses.
Thin as a scythe he stood there.
I knew him by his pictures.
He had a black coat on,
Black gloves, a broad black hat.
I think he would have spoken,
Seeing his mouth stood open.
Big it was, with white teeth.
As soon as he beckoned, I ran.
I ran until I found you.
Sir, I am quitting my job.
I want to see my sons
Once more before I die.
I want to see California.
In this poem, the old gardener runs away from death, thinking it has come for him.
The old man was more afraid of death, than the young man, because the young man such as master, did not think that death will take them so soon. The language is simple, yet formal. Justice makes the dialogue very straight forward and easy to understand.
Personification (of Death)
Alliteration ( fear of Gardener)
Simile ( Further describing death)

The tone of the gardener is one fear.
The master is fearless, or rather hiding his fear and coming on as an arrogant to face with the death.
Death is calm, with no worry of the time. Donald Justice uses short sentences only about 7 words, the entire poem is written in the past tense.
The author uses simple adjectives, that give the reader a very clear view of event such as " He had his blac coat on, black gloves, and a broad black hat. Death may come when least expected; live life with that thought in mind.
Don't be afraid of death, Be afraid of the unlived life.” - Natalie Babbitt
By : Donald Justice The poem"Incident In A Rose Garden" has no rhyme scheme, it is free verse. Master:
Sire, you must be that
Who threatened my gardener.
This is my property, sir.
I welcome only friends here. Death:
Sir, I knew your father.
And we were friends at the end.
As for your gardener,
I did not threaten him.
Old men mistake my gestures.
I only meant to ask him
To show me to his master.
I take it you are he? Donald Justice was born August 12, 1925 in Miami, Florida, and grew up there. Justice chose a career in words. He excelled at traditional and experimental forms of poetry, particularly enjoying the sestina and repetitive forms.
Justice remarked that "one motive for much, if not all, art is to keep memorable what deserves to be remembered." He lived with his wife, Jean Ross, in Iowa City, Iowa until his death on August 6, 2004. Syntax
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