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Science Project

Planet Zeus, Star Zargon

Gideon Izayaki

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Science Project

Dear editor of the Times magazine We are the scientists who protest against going to Solar system of Zargon. I know you've been considering on moving into the planet Zeus because you have been writing in the magazine. But here's why you may not want to go But before we go do our business What is gravity? Gravity is a force that pulls you down but what is the force that is pulling you down? It is gravity But what is gravity exactly? Jeez why do you keep asking? I told you it is
a force that is generated by differennt masses to pull you to them Its like the tides, the moon has gravity but it is in a certain distance fom earth so it wont crash in it but it being pulled by earth and the earth pulling it back thats why the moon has less gravity than it actually has because the earth has gravity in it so if you jump theres two forces acting the gravity of the moon and the earth, thus the tides are pulled by the moon but the earths gravity is higher so it stays at the ground. do you know now? good ...It's like newtons idea of the cannon ball theory if you hit it high enough strong enough and fast enough it can stay in orbit until it hits an opposing force For satellites, astrophysicists deal with some orbital calculations on how to fire satellites into their orbit to help them stay in their orbit for days, months, and even years. Now here comes the part of the gravity affecting on the Solar system Artificial satellites around the planet are in USE usefully -Communication
-Weather Forecasting
-Satellite TV Broadcast
-Military Next one ain't be longer than that... Now one wonders how Sun's gravity holds the motion of planets in the solar system The answer lies down there The sun's gravity causes other planets to move in their circular motion Kelper who had found the harmonies in the solar system has discovered some laws that say... The Kepler's second law
-The Areas of the fan-like part are always the same wether the planet is further or closer from the sun. That is because... The planet moves faster when further away and slower when closer to the sun. The force of all various physical will be the same to keep the planets on their orbit. And addition to that, due to the differences of masses and the materials of each planet, the periods of time they take to orbit the sun are all different. Example of the special case of a planet of the solar system Venus
-Second closest to the sun
-The hottest planet because its atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide which let the solar radiation in and doens't let it out Now that you know about orbits artificial sattelites are much the same as planets the also orbit the earth and they have to move at the same speed as the earth to stay in orbit and not go up or down the atmosphere or else they drift off or crash land in fact they do crash land but scientists crash land them to get it back but thats not the point right now in order for satellites to go up in space scientists calculate their mass and gravity and they have to worry on what gravities effect on them and what their weight is going to be speaking of weight weight is how much your mass is on a gravitational field which mean how your mass is being pulled down by the gravity going back to topic but not quite the relation between gravity and different masses is quite a huge topic because in planet zargon it is...... oh wait its zues not zargon, anyway in planet zues the gravity is really weak so the sattelites will be much closer which means the planet is really small which means we have less resources and the planes will fly closer which means lifestyle will be hard and if we only will come there to fly then we will have to work real hard and is it really worth it and the sending of more sattelites to keep contact on earth will be a huge issue and we will have to waste tons of fuel. which is why you........................... should not go!!!!! nye
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