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Osman Hassan

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of U7-P2

CCTV: also known as closed-circuit television is a video surveillance camera that allows small or large business organizations to spy or view any suspicious activity going on within the store at the time. the cameras are either linked to monitors screen or multiple different monitors screens at time through transmit a signal through cabling linking it to a monitor screen.
Sign in and Out
Sign in and Out: this an old and modern way to keep track and log of any person who enters the building and leaves. they person would need to write their name down and reason for attending. including the date as well.
ID Scanner
ID Scanners: these types of scanners involve using an ID Card, this card has an imprinted bar code on it that is specified for the user. Its scans the cards data and looks to see if its on the system, if it isn't the user is declined access to an area or machine. this a very good security measure because it only uses a card and no types of passwords.
Lock and Key
Lock and Key: this being the very first type of security measure ever made, its was design to stop thief's from breaking in to people business's, it used a simple object that fitted into a hole to lock the door. these a used small business's and organizations.
Physical Measures
Lock and Key
U7-P2 By Osman Hassan
Keypads: this is very secure to keep your private property or business safe. Usually these pins are four digits in put although in some cases they can be extended to be eight if value of the information or item is very high.
Cable Shielding
Guards is another physical security measures, they either stand outside of the business organization and protect the building from mugger or pedestrians causing anytime type of trouble.
Cable shielding
ID Scanner
Sign in and out
Retina Scan
Retina scan
Cable Shielding: to protect the cable itself from being affected by electrical signals in other nearby area. The cable has four layers of protection around it, the first being the center core the second is the dielectric insulator third being the metallic shield and fourth plastic jacket.
Fingerprint scanners made to scan the physical part a finger whilst using software to transfer the data from your finger to the screen so you can access your computer or building entree. it is good because it means not just anyone can enter the building.
Retina scanners use similar software to face recognition software, however this is more focused on the eyes. it is used in some building organization, or even science labs which are highly secure.
Example of Facial Recognition
Universal Studios Japan has
Biometrics ID Solution (Facial Recognition) passes for people to where around there necks on entry around the park. they used to manually process guest photos and card printing. Sometimes they would have to wait even up to three hours because the process took so long.

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