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Salvation History Timeline

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Courtney Malinowski

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Salvation History Timeline

God created the everything.
Adam and Eve, the 1st humans, were created.
Original sin of Adam and Eve
God floods the earth and Noah built his ark
Salvation History Timeline
Primeval History
Patriarchs and Matriarchs
Abraham and Sarah travel to Canaan
Issac is born and later has two sons with Rebecca his wife.
Israel (Jacob Issac's son) had 12 son one was Joseph.
Joseph is sold by his brother to slavery in Egypt and eventually with God's help he prospers and his family moves there.
Egypt and Exodus
In time after the Israelites came to Egypt (Joseph's family) they were enslaved by the new pharaoh as cheap labor.
To save his people God sent Moses and many plagues to convince pharaoh to free them.
Lamb's blood was smeared on the doors of the Israelites to protect their firstborn when the angel of death came to kill the firstborn of Egypt.(the Passover)
The pharaoh's army trapped the leaving Israelites at the Red Sea so God parted it for them then causes it to drown the army.
Settling the Promised land
God made a new Covenant with his people.
the ten Commandments were created and so was a tabernacle to worship God and the Ark of the Covenant.
After many years in the desert the Israelites under Joshua's leadership invaded Canaan.
The land was divided into 12 for each of the 12 tribes.
God called up judges during that period of 200 years to help lead the people.
The Kingdom United
The Kingdom Divided
922-587 B.C
Northern Kingdom went through several dynasties.
Southern Kingdom, Judea, and Davidic dynasty were in power.
Kings were not faithful so God sent prophets to preach.
Northern Kingdom fell to Assyria; Assyria then fell to Babylon
Many Jews were sent to exile in Babylon
Creation of the world
Original sin
Eve was tempted, ate the apple, gave some to Adam, and because of their sin they could not live with God and the original sin was created.
(1020-922 B.C.)
God allows Samuel to make Saul the 1st king, so Samuel poured oil on Saul's head annotating him for leadership. (The Hebrew word for "anointed person" is Messiah)
Next king was David and he was considered the greatest human king in the little nation of Israel.
Then God tells David that his house would be established forever.
After Davids time was up his son, Solomon the Wise, became king.
Solomon the Wise built a great palace and the 1st temple in Jerusalem but durning his time as king the kingdom was divided
The Exile and the Return
587- 585 B.C
In 515 B.C, the temple was rebuilt.
Judas Maccabees led a successful revolt
The Jews began to hope for a new king to come (Jesus).
The Life of Jesus
Before 1850 BC
5 B.C- 30 A.D
An angel appeared to Mary telling she will bear a son conceived by the Holy Spirit .
Jesus was later born in Bethlehem.
Wise men brought gifts.
As he grew older, Jesus began teaching and performing miracles.
From this, many started to believe and were strengthened.
beginning of time
The Death and Resurrection
(30 A.D.)
Jewish leader didn't like that Jesus talked like he was above the Jewish law
Before Jesus was arrested he rode in to jerusalum like a king while people honored him with palm branches (Palm Sunday)
Then later that week, on Holy Thursday, Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples and this was their last supper.
The next day, Holy Friday, Jesus was crucified under the authority of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate
Then Sunday, Easter, he resurrected and 40 days later ascended into heaven
The Early Christian Church
50 days after the resurrection(on Pentecost) the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and they spoke an different language the new of Jesus
Stephan was the first martyr and Paul was the first christian missionary
The temple was destroyed 70AD but Christianity continued to spread
Noah's Ark
because of the wickedness of man God decided to destroy them in a flood
the was a righteous man named Noah who God Had build an ark and bring his family and the animals on it to wait out the flood.
Joseph and Egypt
Joseph was given the power to interpret dreams by God. He interpreted the pharaoh's dream and was given a position of power in Egypt.
Moses and the plagues
Parting of the Red Sea
Ten Commandments
Invasion of the promised land
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