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Why all the fuss about Managing Volunteers?

A presentation to summarise the key feedback and suggestions from Volunteer Managers to NCVO regarding their merger with Volunteering England, and how they might support and champion Volunteer Management.

Sue Jones

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Why all the fuss about Managing Volunteers?

Why all the fuss about
Managing Volunteers? Feedback and suggestions to NCVO 2. Recognise the vital role carried out by
Managers of Volunteers 3. Champion Volunteering & Volunteer Management together Following a recent #ttvolmgrs discussion, NCVO asked VMmovement... 1. Embed resourcing & understanding
of Volunteering * We need your support to gain the buy-in and understanding of senior leaders and CEOs that it takes a whole organisation to involve volunteers effectively.
* The time donated by volunteers is a valuable resource and the way this is developed and managed needs to be included within an organisation's overall strategy. * We need you to challenge your membership to see Volunteer Managers as a key stakeholder group regarding decision making and resourcing for volunteering.
* Encourage organisations to expand their thinking about volunteer involvement & understand that Volunteer Managers are central to making this happen. Seems straightforward?
Unfortunately, this is not usually the case - just ask a Volunteer Manager... How about including Volunteer Management as a specialist skill set for organisations to have represented on their trustee boards? *Don't just talk about volunteering as an outcome or an activity - highlight what's happened behind the scenes to enable it to happen - the organising, the leadership, the resources...
* Demonstrate the importance of investing in training & development for Volunteer Managers - show how learning can be applied back in the workplace to enable organisations to broaden their reach. Encourage leaders to make the most of the skills, knowledge and talent they already have in their volunteer teams and in their managers of volunteers. This was the blog post...
(we do this #ttvolmgrs every week - Thoughtful Thursdays) Click on the link...
http://bit.ly/14bNzTH Listen more to the views of Volunteer Managers in this dedicated webinar broadcast & discussion about the NCVO/VE merger:
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