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Special Needs

No description

Kristin Gray

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Special Needs

Thank you for your time! Special Needs My paper connects to my project because
special needs
- disabilities
- privileges
both types of special needs I chose this topic because
Something new
Step out of my comfort zone
Attended Imua Family Family Services when I was younger, I'd like to give back Kristin Gray
Mrs. Carles
February 27, 2013 Things I've learned Working with people or children with disabilities Camp Imua (Project) Adrienne Laurion My mentor's name is Adrienne Laurion Camp Imua is a week long camp that lets campers make new friends and reunite with old friends. For my project I volunteered at a week long camp, called Camp Imua. Special Needs For my paper I wrote about how not all students should be allowed to take Advanced Placement classes Not For Everyone (Paper)
Hawaii Schools should not follow the Maui High School model of allowing all students access to Advanced Placement classes because not everyone is motivated enough to keep up with and understand the class. Everyone has their own level of academic ability, and the AP teacher might not be equipped with the right knowledge to teach the course, therefore not being able teach it as an AP course. Volunteered as a caregiver Zip Lining Rock Climbing Fire Hula Dancers Light Box Helicopter Rides around Maluhia Luau Tie Dye T-shirts Waiting For Campers Cardboard boat racing Cardboard boat making Adrienne Laurion Cayley (my camper) Carnival Day with my camper Any questions? Thesis Be responsible and respectful Helping people with special needs is something that interests me Caregivers - students who watch over the campers Campers - children with disabilities What comes to mind when you hear the words
special needs? people with disabilities getting certain privileges (Advanced Placement classes) Evidence 17 Years old
1 younger brother
I'm a quiet, shy person
I enjoy hanging out with my friends
I love music
I like to help other people Information Different Organizations During the school year she works at Special Olympics
Special Olympics allows children with disabilities to participate in sports with other students Every summer she helps coordinate Camp Imua
She takes her own time so students can have a fun-filled memorable summer About Me About 84 hours Piiholo Ranch Zipline
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