Practice and present anywhere using your iPad

Our Prezi Viewer for iPad app lets you practice your prezi anytime or anywhere, even on the way to your presentation. When you arrive, use Prezi Viewer for iPad to deliver stunning presentations they'll remember.

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Prezi on an iPad

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Access your prezis anywhere

With Prezi Viewer for iPad, your prezis sync automatically with your iPad through the cloud. You'll always find the latest version of your prezi, even if you modified it on another computer.

...Online or off the grid

Once you've synced your prezis to your iPad, you can access them anywhere–on the plane, in the desert, or anywhere else life takes you.

iPad and a plane

Prezi on an iPad

Prezi is ideal for the iPad's touchscreen

Prezi Viewer’s streamlined interface is perfect for presenting on the go. Just tap anywhere to navigate through your prezi, following your designated path or freely panning and zooming wherever the conversation goes.

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Read the FAQ for more information about Prezi for iPad.

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