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Greek and Modern Day compare and Contrast

We have lots of Greek system lasts until today.

Young JIn Song

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Greek and Modern Day compare and Contrast

Greek and Modern World Comapre and Contrast. By Young Jin Song Democracy Democracy was first introduced in Greece. People ruled themselves by voting the others.
Before this, the government was controlled by some privilliged rich people. And this was known as aristpcracy.
Democracy started in Athens and people over 18 could gather and discuss about their city-state.
But at that time, only man over 18 and the Greek citizens could participate. Women, slaves, and other citizen couldn't participate.
More than 50 citizens were choosed to work for assembly for an year.

Today, anyone over 18 can participate for the assembly (but still have to be same nationality.)
Any cizens in the country older than 18 can votea an have rights to control the government.
This effects to the whole country. Alliance After the Persian War, Greek city-state decided to help each other and make alliances to each other.
This alliance was known as delian league.
This alliance were made for protectong Greece from the Persians.
The alliance started in 477 B.C.
Athenes mostly took the act for the Delian League but soon, the other city state overthrow the Athenes. Today, now we made an alliance or a government called UN and UN takes charges for the peace and the stuffs arounf the world. This decides which country to protect and to help.
But rather than fighting each other for wars, UN and other organizations mostly help us with economic problems. Olympic
Begun in 776B.C.
In Greece, they had a festival called Olympic, which celebrates and honor the gods in Mt.Olympus.
They had: Boxing, Equestrian events, Chariot racing, Riding, Pankration, Pentathlon, Discus, Javelin, Jump, Running, Wrestling, Running, Wrestling
Only men were allowed to participate.
They should play naked and they don't have any special uniforms to represent.
Had five days of festival.
They had violant sports such as Pankaration.
City State In Greece, city state were first introduced.
City state was a state that worked independently as a unic city government.
At that time, this meant that the cities can fight each other (that means California and Navada can fight each other!!)
Later this had fixed with delian league. Today, like USA, city state had changed in to states or cities.
They have statte mayor or city mayor.
They vote to elect the mayor.
The city states don't fight each other.
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