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No description

Isabelle Losabia

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of TIKLOS

refers to a group of peasants who agree to work for each other one day each week to clear the forest, prepare the soil for planting, or do any odd job on the farm including the building of a house.
Dancers are dressed in working costume.
At noontime the people gather to eat their lunch together and to rest. During this rest period Tiklos music is being played with a flute accompanied with a guitar and the guimbal or the tambora (kinds of drum).
The music of Tiklos is also played to gather the peasants before they start out for work.
Divided into two parts: A and B.
one, two or one, ah, two, ah or one and two to a measure.
Partners stand opposite each other about six feet apart. When facing the audience, Girl stands at partner's right side. One to any number of pairs may take part in this dance.
Partners face front. Throughout this figure Girl holds her skirt, Boy places hands on waist.
a. Starting with the R foot, take two heel and toe change steps forward (4 M)
b. Execute change step sideward, R and L. (2 M)
c. Starting with the R foot, take four steps backward to proper places. (2 M)
d. Repeat all. (a-c) (8 M)
Partners face front. The same hand position as in figure I.
a. Cut L backward (ct. 1), cut R forward (ct. 2). Repeat all (cts. 1, 2) (2 M)
b. Take three gallop steps sideward right (cts. 1, ah, 2, ah, 1, ah) step R foot sideward (ct. 2) (2 M)
c. Repeat (a), starting with the R cut backward. (2 M)
d. Repeat (b), going sideward left. (2 M)
e. Repeat all (a-d) (8 M)
Partners face each other. Throughout this figure clap hands in front of chest in this manner: Clap three times (cts. 1 and 2), clap twice (cts. 1,2). do this for sixteen measures.
a. Execute change step sideward, starting with R foot (cts. 1 and 2) hop on R and raise L knee in front swinging L foot obliquely right backward across R knee in front (ct. 1), hop on R and swing L foot obliquely left forward (ct. 2) (2 M)
b. Repeat (a) starting with the L foot. (2 M)
c. Execute a three-step turn right in place (cts. 1, and 2) . Point L in front (ct. 1), point the same foot close to R (ct. 2) (2 M)
d. Repeat (c), starting with L foot and turning left. (2 M)
e. Repeat all (a-d) (8 M)
Partners face each other. The same position of hands as in figure I.
Take two touch steps in front (R, L) (2 M)
Jump to across R in front L (ct. 1), jump to cross L in front of R (ct. 2), jump to cross R in front L (ct. 1), jump to close R to L (ct. 2) (2 M)
Repeat (a) and (b), starting with L foot. (4 M)
Repeat all (a-c). (8 M)
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