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Tik-Tac-Toe Tudor Weapons and Warfare. By: Elvis Yung

Weapons and Warfare.

Elvis Yung

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Tik-Tac-Toe Tudor Weapons and Warfare. By: Elvis Yung

Tudor Weapons and Warfare.
So lets talk about the War first, shall we?
The first War in Tudor history is the War of the Roses.
So the main idea is that Henry VII 's army fought with Richard's army and they won the battle. Henry was walking and found King Richard's crown in England in a thorn bush when he killed Richard III. At the end of the long day's battle, he went back to his city and crown
, king. When Henry VII was king, he told his people to execute the prisoners from the battle. The War was fought on August 22, 1485, and Henry VII defeated King Richard III in Bosworth. The War is important because after he defeated King Richard III, he married Elizabeth of York, then finally united the Lancastrian and the Yorkist.
Here is where they fought together
Henry killed Richard.
I forgot that there is another very important War.
This War is called the Battle of the Spanish Armor.
The Armada (Ship) is famous because at that time, England was a small nation with little protection while they were facing the greatest power in the World [Spain]. They defeated Spain, with help from Mother Nature. It marked the beginning of England's Mastery of the seas.
The great history of the England's navy began, as so the serious English exploration and colonization.
I think thats it
The Spanish monarch, Philip II,was angry that queen Elizabeth had not punished Sir Francis Drake and other English sea dogs for plundering Spanish ships.
Philip was a devout catholic. He felt it was his duty to invade and conquer England in order to convert the country back to the church in Rome.
The two fleets met in the English channel.
There were many more Spanish ships than
English ships, but the English ships were smaller
and easier to maneuver. This would turn out to be a
great advantage for the English.
On August 6, 1588, the Spanish Armada anchored at Calais.The English filled eighty ship with flammable material and set fire to them. They sent in fire ships to panic the Spaniards and scatter the Armada's formation. The Armada's formation is a crescent shaped formation, had proved extremely successful in previous campaign, as it allowed all ships to fire their heavy guns simultaneously. The Spanish panicked and fled to the open sea, which led them straight into the gunfire of the waiting English. In the open sea, the Armada wasn't in formation, so the Spanish ships were easy targets for the English artillery.
An important reason why the English were able
to defeat the Armada was the wind blew the Spanish
ships Northwards. Strong winds and terrible rain forced
many ships onto rocks near Ireland. The English celebrated their victory with a medal saying "God Blew And They Were Scattered."
Tudor Weapons and Warfare
By: Elvis Yung
Now lets talk about Tudor Weapons.
^^^ This arrow is to long please understand the line^^^
^^^ I think I might have traveled 1,000 miles to get over here?
Is it this one?
Or maybe this one?
NO, NO, and NO. These are all modern days Weapons used in the military.
Here are some pictures about Tudor's Weapons.
Lets talk and get in to more details about 8 Tudors Weapon I choose.
The Battle Axe- A
Variety of single and
Double-Handed Axe
# 1
# 2
The Billhook- which were
capable of killing knights
and their horses
# 3
# 4
The Pike- A long spear measured
between 18 feet and 20 feet.
It must be these ones?
# 5
# 6
# 7
The Musket-A smooth bore shoulder gun used from the late 16Th through the 18Th century.
The Cannon-
A large mounted weapon that fires heavy projectiles.
The Flintlock-An obsolete gun lock in which a flint fixed in the hammer produces a spark that ignites the charge.
The Mace-was an armor-fighting weapon and had develop into an elaborately spiked steel was club
Last but not least my favorite one and is the last and finally one!!!
The Super Awesome Rapier
The Rapier-
Skill in fencing during the Tudor era was a requirement
of all upper class nobility. The Rapier was used by nobles
in preference to the older, clumsier cutting swords. A sword was an important part of a nobles apparel and it was important that he had adequate fencing skills. The wearing of swords with civilian dress was a custom that had begun in late fifteenth-century Spain. The use of the sword and the acquisition of fencing arts changed as new technology was introduced and firearms replaced the traditional weapons used in military warfare.
Big Thanks to:

. .
So whats the different from Tudor Warfare and Modern Warfare?
Its pretty obvious.
I hope you enjoyed it.
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