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Justin finds a way

No description

Linus Gripp

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Justin finds a way

Narrative perspective/ mode of presentation
Sheila Paynter
Justin finds a way

the author
born in Kelowna, British Columbia in 1920

gratuated from University of B.C. with degrees in psychology and english

taught in a kindergarten for several years

her books are generally about nature and wildlife (published 3 books)

married Henry Paynter in 1946

the author
canadian aspects
narrative perspective/
mode of presentation
creative task
Justin's parents are divorced and he goes on a
camping trip with his dad

They take pictures of birds and one of Justin together with a canadian jay on it

His dad sends him the pictures because Justin
asks him

Justin gives one of the picture with him and the bird on it to his mum and one to his dad

They hang them up in their places which makes justin feels like they're together again.
Canadian aspects
canoe trip to a lake and camping

dad drives a jeep

being connected with nature

"He's sitting close to his dad in front of the campfire..."
Is it a step forward for Justin?
loves his dad
loves his mother
best friends
9 years old
lives together with his mum
loves his parents
proud of his dad
hates the divorce of his parents
confused about his parents
wants to keep his family together (tries to feel like this)
tries to connect his parents
Justin is a round character
His objective doesn't change during the story
His attidude doesn't change too
But his feelings do in the end of the story
third person narrator (selective omniscient)

tells Justin's thoughts

telling narrator (just telling the story, not in it)
camping at Pennask Lake

homes of his parents

narrating time is shorter than acting time

chronological narration with flashbacks

open beginning: mother is calling Justin


conflict between parents

conflict inside him

the conflict between parents doesn't change

Justin tries to deal with his conflict on a way
that doesn't bring a total solution

open end
deal with a divorce as a child

authors intention/central idea:

show problems of children
with divorced parents
Justin finds a way to deal with the situation
with the help of the pictures he makes himself feel like they are still a family
it isn't really a step forward because he wants to keep the past
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