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The Janoskians and Green Day

A music project for school required that we compare two bands at least a decade apart. We choose The Janoskians and Green Day.

Madison Faucher

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of The Janoskians and Green Day

Green Day


The Janoskians

Greenday is a band that was discovered in 1986, that performes the famous songs; American Idiot, Wake me up When September ends, and Time of your life. The band consists of 3 members; Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. Billie Joe Armstrong is best known for being the lead vocalists and guitarist. Mike Dirnt is known for being the bassist. Tre Cool is the drummer.
Hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal became some of the most popular and dominant music genres of the 80's, when Green Day first formed their band. Some of the popular 80's bands and music artists were most likely singing about the Vietnam war, and the recession that took place during that time period. In 1982 Michael Jackson released the most selling album "Thriller" and by the late 80's rap music had just been introduced.

Green day was well known for their edgy look and music. Their dark eyeliner, tattoos and black clothes matched their dark rock music perfectly which gave them their fame and performance style.
The Janoskians:
The Janoskians are a group of 5 guys that are named; Daniel Sahyounie, Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, Luke Brooks and James Yammouni. They are an Australian boyband that was formed in July of 2011. This band performs the songs; Real Girls eat Cake, Thats What she said, This Freakin Song and Would U Love Me. They don't really play any instruments, sometimes the Brooks brothers will play guitar but they usually just sing. There is no lead because they all take equal roles in the band. Janoskians stands for: Just another name of silly kids in another nation skip.
Green day success was very big. They are still very known to this day, not only by their older fans (our parents), but also by us. Most of us probably know the songs; American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake me up when September Ends, and Time of our Life (as repeated before). Green Day's most popular and successful album is called Dookie. Green Day created music that symbolized rebellion and their song 21 Guns is about a war. Their music brought out the dark side in people.
By:Madison and Ashley!!!
Today we listen to pop, pop-rock, rap and rock music. Alot of artists write songs about love and girls or guys. The most popular artists are; Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, One Direction and 5SOS.
Performance Style
The Janoskians are well known for their funny YouTube videos and great music sense. They are also well known for their looks, tattoos, piercings and boyish personalities. Their personalities most definitely match the lyrics to their songs perfectly. They wear low riding skinny jeans with t-shirts, muscle shirts, or sometimes even warm sweaters. They admit that some of the ways they dress was inspired by One Direction, as they are fans.
Success in Popular Culture
The Janoskians are a rising boy band and are very popular on Youtube. They are well known by both girls and guys between the ages of 13 and 20. This is because of all of the challenges they do on Youtube. Like the 3L rainbow milk challenge, ice bath challenge, eat a worm challenge and mouse trap challenge. They don't have any full albums, but they have created a few singles and have an EP. Their top selling single is That's What She Said, which is the song we chose to do for our presentation. They have 8 singles in total at the moment, and came out with 3 new singles on March 2, 2015. These are called Would U Love Me, Moodswings and LA Girl.
Check out their channels: daresundays, janoskians, janoskiansvevo,janoskiansblog and twintalktime.
Some Pictures and Videos
Music Style/ Genre
That's What She Said
We teamed up with Hannah and Keely. In this video we did a video star to The Janoskians number 1 single: That's What She Said.
Ashley plays as Daniel Sahyounie, Keely plays as Beau Brooks, Hannah plays as James Yammouni and Madison plays as Luke and Jai Brooks (the twins).
Comparing the Bands
Green Day and The Janoskians are very different bands. They perform different types of music with different lyrics and meanings. Green Day is a more depressed edgy genre when The Janoskians put out a lot more upbeat and fun boyish music. The two bands both enjoy swearing but that's pretty much the only thing they have in common.
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