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Out of the Sandbox

The Goal Matrix for Mesa College Program Review

Kristan Clark

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Out of the Sandbox

"Out of the Sandbox"--The Goal Matrix San Diego Mesa College Program Review Develop a Sandbox Program to train new Sandcastle designers

Rationale: We currently have a very good program in Sandbox Maintenance, but we are looking to grow and meet the needs of our students who would like to pursue careers as Sandcastle Designers. (We have surveyed our current student population and can provide the appropriate data; we also have data to support the need for Sandcastle Designers in San Diego.)

Plan/Activity: Develop courses and increase our FTEF, so that we can add classes.

Time Frame: Fall of 2013

Person's Assigned: Dr. Hermit Crabbe

Needs and Tasks: We need to write curriculum for 4 new courses (task). We need an additional .80 FTEF to support the 4 new classes (need).
We will need to purchase new supplies: sandcastle molds, blocks, arches, turrets. We will need to purchase new equipment: a back hoe and a front end loader to support the new Sandcastle Design program.
Stepping Into The Sandbox SMART goals Measureable Attainable Results
Based Time Bound Specific Your Goal Should be
Clearly Defined--Keep It Simple. How will you measure the progress your program or department has made towards attaining the goal? Can you use data? Do you have tasks to complete or needs which much be met to achieve your goal? Is your goal realistic?
Can it be attained in the current environment; are there alternative solutions? Is your Dept./program willing to work toward this goal? What result will it produce? Is it necessary? Does the Goal have a starting point and an ending point? Even if the ending point has to be revised, you should still establish timelines for your goal. A goal is a vision for your program or department.
Where do see the department/program in five years? A Goal is not a need.
A Goal is not a task.
Needs and tasks help you achieve your goals. Goal
#1 Make our Sandbox State of the Art

Rationale: Our Sandbox is 35 years old and we need to redesign and build an updated sandbox with plastic walls. The current metal walls rust when it rains which is a safety hazard, and the awning is not SPF proof.

Plan/Activity: Design and resource the funding for a new sandbox.

Time Frame: Fall of 2013

Person's Assigned: Dr. Hermit Crabbe

Needs and Tasks: Work with the architect to design
our new sandbox, research and purchase new sandbox materials and awnings as well as silicone based sands. Goal 2 Filling the Empty Sandbox
What do I want to with to my sandbox?
I want to improve curriculum, facilities and equipment. Goal 1--Develop a Sand Castle program to train new sand castle designers. Goal 2--Upgrade my sandbox
so that it is state of the art. Goal 3--Upkeep
and Maintenance
on my sandbox

Update existing equipment and replace damaged equipment

Rationale: It has been 10 years since the program has had an infusion of funds into its equipment budget. Much of our equipment is out of date, broken, or has gone missing.

Plan/Activity: Find resources for state of the art equipment including shovels, sifters, buckets, molds, and rakes.

Time Frame: Fall of 2013

Person's Assigned: Dr. Sandy Dune

Needs and Tasks: Research and purchase state of the art sandbox equipment including shovels, sifters, buckets, molds, and rakes. Goal #3 The Form Things to Consider Before You Begin. The form can be found in TaskStream. For those programs that were year one last year, use the form to the right. Thanks for playing in the sandbox!
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